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Basic RP Etiquette

Self Inserts

On SBN we ask that you do not play a self-insert. This is a character that is essentially an extension of yourself. Why do we ask this? Self-inserters feel that their character is the same as them, and that anything bad that happens to the character is happening to them.

There is a difference between a player’s character and an actual player: often our characters say or do things we would never do. This being the World of Darkness universe, there are plenty of uncomfortable topics, that our players wouldn’t personally engage in their life – but their characters might. Self inserters cannot handle their characters in a bad position, or take their characters extremely seriously and must be the protagonist at all times. Their characters backgrounds tend to be a convoluted fantasy of their own desires to be strong and powerful, e.g. their sire being a Justicar or a Prince, and/or they are being chased and hunted but still manage to defeat the bad guy with no negative outcomes.

This often indicates that they are trying to play out a power fantasy out of personal fulfillment.

Power Gaming

This is when a player presumes or declares that their action against another player character is successful without giving the other player character the freedom to act against them as is their prerogative. This also may be a player who forces other players to participate in role-playing they do not want to engage in. For example, this is a player who unilaterally describes their character doing something with or to another character that would require both players to interact and consent (fighting or sexual interactions are common offenders.) There is also another type of power gaming where the player “minmaxes” the character to be literally the best at something, blocking any type of story if others do not agree with it. Often called munchkin; though there is nothing wrong with having a strong character, making it impossible for other players to affect plot meaningfully and having to bend to your rules ad ideas isn’t looked upon kindly.


This is a term used to describe instances in which a player uses real-life knowledge to influence their character interactions. This can be determining someone’s clan with no reasoning behind it, or even knowing that someone is kindred despite the character having blush of life activated and high humanity. This also means suddenly changing one’s opinion of a player character based on conversation outside of roleplay, or based on fear for your character’s safety. Metagaming is an example of breaking character, as the character is making decisions based on information they wouldn’t have access to, influencing their behaviour in ways that would not otherwise happen.


In essence this is when a character has the ability to do practically anything, and while this shouldn’t be possible in VTM due to the presence of rolls, if you are not rolling when needed and are not taking into consideration what your disciplines are actually capable of, you could end up godmodding. This is also taking control of another character against the player’s will and manipulating their character as you see fit.


Consent. Consent. Consent. Consent. The most important aspect of RP in this type of setting. Whenever you plan to act against someone, you should be informing them OOCly and make certain they are comfortable with the scene. The grand majority of players are fine with traumatic or drastic events, but getting a sudden back-stab can be both exhausting and awful. Consent checking helps with making certain that players are on the same page, and of course if two characters want two different scenes you can always ask for the STs to step in and help mediating. That being said, if you enter a scene and, due to bad luck or your own choices, your character does poorly, consequences do happen. Be always upfront with your RP partners about where your limits lie, as retconning scenes doesn’t happen and you might lock yourself into a scenario you don’t wish to play out.