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Blood Surge

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Corebook p. 218

A vampire may choose to increase one of their Attributes by rousing the blood. This is known as a Blood Surge. A Surge is activated via a Rouse Check (see section), rolling /v 1

The amount of dice a Surge adds to a single roll is determined by Blood Potency, you may find the complete chart at p. 216. N.B. as per the recently released V5 Companion, the Blood Potency chart was errata’d and the Blood Surge at Potency 1 now adds 2 dice instead of one. Two dice is the amount that most characters in the server will add to their pool. If the Rouse Check that activated your Blood Surge failed, you only increase your Hunger after the roll for which you surged is rolled and resolved. For this reason, you may roll the Rouse Check after your Attribute+Skill roll.