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Banu Haqim Bane

Banu Haqim Bane: When a Haqimite feeds on a slake’s worth of kindred vitae, a hunger frenzy roll must be made. If the roll fails, then the Haqimite will do everything in their power to slake their hunger down to hunger 1 on kindred vitae. When they hit hunger 1 under this clan bane, they will detach from the vampire and do everything in their power to slake their hunger on human blood down to hunger 0 (killing the mortal). Diablerizing a kindred under this bane is a conscious choice of the Haqimite (which needs both players’ consent).

Hunger Frenzy Test difficulty = 2 + bane severity. This bane-induced frenzy only ends when the scene changes or at hunger 0 (if possessing methuselah’s thirst, drain a human completely works in lieu of hunger 0).


If they wish to use technology without their bane coming into effect, they must be using something hardwired in. Old school landlines will work for them, though the voice will still sound garbled without succeeding on a Technology test at Diff 2 + Bane Severity. However, sending a text with a modern phone will not work without succeeding on the Technology test. If they desire to use a PC without a test, they must use something from the early 90s or earlier, but the text will be riddled with typos and the screen will blur randomly. Any technology that uses wireless signals, such as wifi or bluetooth, will immediately flatline, unable to be used.

Ventrue Bane

The roll to see if a mortal fits your character’s feeding preference is targeted. You can roll up to a max of 3 times in one scene/location, as long as you use the reroll function, thus spending willpower each time until successful. 


Roll 1 fails, use WP, if fails may roll again 

Roll 2 fails, use WP, if fails may roll again 

Roll 3 fails, use WP, if fails must change scene to try again.