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Coterie Mechanics

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Due to the politics of SbN and VTM:BL2 we will not be using the full mechanics of Coteries. Instead, we allow character to combine havens and pool advantages for the use of the coterie, such as herd, etc.

This means that one player may own the Haven and another may purchase perks such as a Library or Warding. Please remember that kindred don’t just let strangers move in without getting to know them; this is why there is a restriction on time before you may join up.

Some of the benefits of having a coterie:

  1. A group of kindred that will back each other in tight situations.
  2. You can create and form fun storylines to follow
  3. You can bring storylines for the entire coterie to the Storytellers for them to help you run, such as, for example: killing sires, performing heists, or becoming members of kindred cults.

On this sheet you will list:

Haven [Player1]

Library [Player2]

Etc, etc.

Please remember to also list these exp expenditures in the relevant field on your character’s own sheet as well.

You must communicate with your coterie about what you have and what you’ve spent points on.

It is also important to note that if you lose your cotier Haven, or anything related to that, all players will lose all resources spent into the place. If a player is killed/becomes inactive for a long period of time, the resources they have been putting into the place may either be repurchased by another player or will be confiscated suddenly by the Camarilla.

How to apply for a Coterie

  • You must have at least 4 separate nights of interactions. It doesn’t need to be consecutive; the characters just need to be at a point in their storyline to trust each other enough to have reasons they would live together. Remember a haven is a safe space for kindred, so they wouldn’t do so lightly.
  • You must have a minimum of 3 players to form a coterie.
  • You cannot jump to a new coterie until a month after leaving the previous coterie. Coteries are intended to be tight groups that do not break apart.
  • One player will be considered the Leader of the group. They will be in charge of maintaining their group and keeping their coterie sheets straight if they have a combined haven.

In order to apply you type:

-ticket create Coterie

Then submit the answers to these questions in the ticket:

*Coterie Name:* What your group name will be

*Coterie Leader:* This person is in charge of the group; their responsibilities are listed above.

*Coterie Members:*

*Have you and your members been RPing together for one month?:*

*Is everyone ready to comply to the rules above and any alterations that may be made?:*

Then upload the competed coterie sheet to the ticket for mod review.