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Children of the Blood

Merits/Flaws for use on server:

Per Chapter is once per week, unless defined otherwise.

General Merits/Flaws:

Merit/Flaw: Apocryphal Texts (Can be purchased as merit or Flaw) OK

Merit: Inspired Artist OK, remember that Awe breaks in combat.

Merit: Traveling Preacher OK, but since there is no traveling on this server generally. It’s more of a background flavor merit.

Flaw: Excommunicated 2 Dot is permitted, 5 Dot is banned.

Flaw: Faithless OK

Ashfinder Merits/Flaws: This Group is Banned.

Bahari Merits/Flaws:

Merit: Gardener OK, but banned above level 3. No Kindred. No Territory.

Merit: Dark Mother’s Song OK, but reduced to a +2 to be added to pool. Remember to back your roll with the RP itself.

Church of Caine Merits/Flaws:

Merit: Fire Resistant OK.

Flaw: Schism (Lasombra only) OK.

Church of Set Merits/Flaws:

Merit: Fixer OK, but the leverage would need to be roleplayed out. This will also require ST supervision, so please make an ask when using this merit.

Merit: Go to Ground OK.

Merit: Vigilant OK.

Flaw: False Alarms OK

Cult of Shalim Merits/Flaws:

Merit: Gematria OK.

Merit: Insidious Whispers OK with player consent.

Flaw: Empty OK, be aware it will affect ALL social rolls including those against Kindred.

Mithraic Mysteries Merits/Flaws:

Merit: Bargainer OK.

Merit: Bull-Slayer OK.

Flaw: Failed Initiate OK.

Nephilim Merits/Flaws:

Merit: Archangel’s Grace OK.

Flaw: Yearning OK, this is required for any character who leaves the cult even in background.

Haven Merits:

Merit: Holy Ground OK, mortal cultists only.

Shrine: BANNED temporarily, pending on final version of book. Currently useless on server.

Domain Merits/Flaws:

We do not use Domain on server, but these can be used for Coteries.

Merit: Built-in Flock OK, equivalent to 1 dot in herd.

Merit: Mithraeum BANNED

Flaw: Disputed Domain BANNED

Merit: Community Outreach BANNED

Flaw: Visibility OK, but gain 2 dot enemy.

Merit: Networked OK.

Flaw: Shared Vulnerabilities OK.