Other Discipline Adjustments and Learning | Other Discipline Adjustments and Learning |

Other Discipline Adjustments and Learning

Regarding all Disciplines

Purchasing the next level of a Discipline requires the correlating resonance to be drank by the character. For level 4 and 5 of disciplines it must be a temperament of intense or higher. In the cases of Animalism or Protean ask the ST to hunt a large predator, and in the case of Oblivion you must feed from a human which you may for an ST to aid you.

Learning outside of clan disciplines which are signature to clans (Oblivion (Lasombra and Hecata), Tzimisce Amalgams, Salubri Amalgams and Ravnos Amalgams) require a teacher to show/explain to the character how to use it, once they have done that and have the resonance required they can purchase it.

Those who have already bought the discipline don’t need to worry to learn how to use it, they are grandfathered in.

For Clarity, it is a scene where one teaches the other by showing or explaining, there is no rolls needed to promote natural RP progression.

Example :
• Lasombra Oblivion – “This here’s the Abyss. Do this stuff to get spooky shadows.”
• Hecata Oblivion – “This is how to work with dead stuff. Fun!”
• Salubri Amalgams – “You know how you can heal yourself and you’re tough? You can also do that to other people. Cool right? Also, eat souls.”
• Tzimisce Amalgams – “Flesh can be malleable like this. It works on other people. Get creative, but no furniture. Human leather is terrible quality.”
• Ravnos Amalgams – “Illusions man, they are really great. This is why.”
• Malkavian Dementation “Yeah so this is how you affect the mind with just your voice.”
• Ministry Eyes of the Serpent “Yeah the force of personality and bestial intimidation in a glance freezes people like so.”
• Nosferatu/Ravnos Unliving Hive “yeah so just open up your skin folds and that is how you can ghoul and store so many bees between your ribs”

Note : This does not include Ceremonies/Rituals/Formula from the Hecata, Tremere or Thin-bloods

Notes for Oblivion

  • Vampires who are, or who drank from, a Hecata must have a teacher to open the skill tree if they desire to learn Lasombra Oblivion instead; and vice verse.
  • Blood bags teach up to level 3, after that they need a living person. They can either get lucky on a roll (Check out how to get resonance for what this means), or contact the ST for a scene and you will be given rolls to obtain it.
  • When consumed directly from a living person, fresh from the vein, Oblivion ‘resonance’ counts as Intense for the purposes of temperament and allows a +1 die on relevant rolls. However, a PC cannot have Oblivion as one of their chosen herd resonances.



Premonition is, by and large, a Storyteller’s tool, not a player’s. By its nature, it provides little more than flashes of insight, hints, and possibly vague directional content which may serve as guidance in directing or redirecting the activities of a plot or scene. Visions given by Premonition will, therefore, generally be brief, imprecise or mysterious, or may otherwise require further work to interpret. A Premonition may give warning of danger where other clues have failed to do so, or indicate which door to enter through; but finding the house that door is in will be left to other methods. Premonition is not a radar nor a replacement for research. It cannot be used for tasks as specific as: finding the current whereabouts of a person; finding a specific address or other location; providing the name or physical description of a person; providing the history of a place or object (Spirit’s Touch exists for this purpose); or uncovering any other concrete piece of information sought by players. Investigation rolls of various sorts are more appropriate for uncovering these concrete specifics.

Sense the Unseen

Sense the Unseen can be used to become aware of the usage of Dementation, Telepathy, Chimerstry, and Fata Morgana per the usual contested roll rules. Wits + Auspex for passive; Resolve + Auspex for an active searcher. In the case of Dementation and Telepathy, a win on the contest roll will tell the Auspex user who is using these disciplines against them.

Share the Senses

If the one with whom your character is Sharing the Senses experiences something that would normally provoke a frenzy check, roll Composure + Resolve at the Difficulty of the respective frenzy check. On a success, your character manage to hold their cool. On a fail, they instinctively break the connection as their Beast recoils.


As with the Animalism power Subsume the Spirit, you are required to make a frenzy check if your character is exposed to sunlight during the use of this power, as per the normal fear frenzy rules.



Using Awe

Awe is an extremely subtle power that allows a vampire to add their Presence rating to all Persuasion and Performance skill rolls, as well as to other Charisma-based rolls at ST discretion. For these rolls, we will expect the writing to match the roll and may ask to see the written text before approving Awe’s use in boosting the roll. 

It should be noted that even a successful persuasion check does not guarantee that the other party *is* persuaded, with or without Awe’s buff; even Entrancement, which gives bonuses to all social skill rolls, cannot force someone to do something that results in obvious social or physical harm to themselves or others. Presence is not Dominate; it is not mind-control nor brainwashing. 

Awe, in effect, boosts the force of the vampire’s personality and can heighten people’s interest and openness to what is being said, but cannot force anyone into doing or thinking something against their will or nature.  If you are rolling an Awe-boosted check against an SPC, the SPC’s reaction to the persuasion check, especially if the ask is a large one, will be left to STs.  Against a PC, the player will determine where the line is for their character.

Awe is best used to facilitate hunting, to make a good first impression, or to help convince someone to listen to something you need them to, for example.  It does not, however, force people to listen, nor guarantee results; Awe is a ‘soft’ power discipline which is very difficult to detect. It should not be roleplayed as a massive emotional nuke which mesmerizes or enthralls others; if we see this being done, we will ask for retcons or rewrites of scenes.

Please recall that your character can always try to resist rolls boosted by Awe. They cannot resist the Awe and must roleplay its effects, but you can roll to see if your character is not convinced to do or believe something. Awe is not mind control.

Resisting Awe

As per RAW, a character can only attempt to resist/contest Awe if that character is aware that Awe is being used. One way that a character can become aware of the use of Awe is through the discipline Sense the Unseen; this is the only discipline which can potentially reveal Awe use.

Unlike Obfuscate powers, Awe is too subtle to automatically trigger Sense the Unseen. In order to use Sense the Unseen in an attempt to discover that a character is using Awe, there must be significant evidence provided through on-going or long-term RP which has led to the reasonable guess or assumption that Awe is in use in this current scene. 

Remember: Awe is so subtle that even when specifically looking for it with Sense the Unseen, it can be hard to find. The evidence needed to justify the StU roll must be more substantial than “I like them more than I think I should;” some people are just naturally charming, and Awe is not mind-control and cannot make characters do anything out of character. Meeting once with Awe and once without Awe is not enough; one of those could have been an ‘off’ day. Etc.

A few general examples or guidelines for what sort of evidence might suffice to justify an attempt to contest Awe use:

  1. If Character A is, IC, specifically told that Awe is being used on them, they may roll Composure + Intelligence against the Awe user’s Manipulation + Presence in an attempt to resist the Awe. If they fail this roll, they must still RP the effects of Awe, but can still attempt, separately, to contest or resist any roll buffed by Awe. A successful Sense the Unseen roll is not required for this initial contest because the character already knows Awe is in use.
  2. If Character A has had Awe overused against them in the past by Character B in ways which were unsubtle or otherwise constituted an ‘abuse’ of Awe, and Character A is aware that Awe exists, this might constitute evidence enough for the initial contest roll (Composure + Intelligence, as above), even without Sense the Unseen. Please present the evidence to STs in #ask-the-st for a ruling on whether or not the Awe can be directly contested without StU being employed.
  3. If Character A has seen Character B employing Awe against others on more than one occasion, with knowledge of the fact that they were doing so, it might be evidence enough for Character A to guess that Awe might be being used against them, by Character B only. Please present the evidence to STs in #ask-the-st for a ruling on whether or not Character A has enough evidence to justify a Sense the Unseen roll. If the StU is successful, they may then roll the contest of Composure + Intelligence vs Manipulation + Presence. If this roll fails, they are still affected by the Awe. If it passes, they are not affected, but must still roll to contest or resist any persuasion roll made by Character B.

If the character seeking to resist the effects of Awe has the discipline of Unswayable Mind, they may add their Fortitude rating to both the Composure + Intelligence roll and any roll made to resist the mundane persuasion attempt as well.

Lingering Kiss

Lingering Kiss causes huge pleasure to bitten vampires, and it is addictive and should be RPed as such but it does not give any buffs as per the errata.

Magnum Opus

Level 4 (from Winter’s Teeth Issue #3, with edits)

Amalgam: Auspex 3

The user may sublimate and infuse the powers of the blood into their works of art to make them supernaturally alluring or ghastly. This Presence-imbued masterwork is merely an illusion, however – a momentary beauty that does not withstand deep scrutiny.

Cost: One or more Rouse Checks.

Dice pools: Charisma/Manipulation + Presence, Intelligence/Dexterity + Craft

System: Before starting an Extended Test or Craft roll to create a work of art, the user may choose to leave traces of their Presence in the artwork. The user picks Awe or Daunt (must already possess the power), then makes a Rouse Check and rolls Charisma or Manipulation + Presence to imbue their crafting materials with their powers. Within the same night, the artist may then utilise those materials in a Craft project, by rolling Intelligence or Dexterity + Craft. Upon successful completion of the project, the user finds that residual traces of their powers linger within the work itself. When the artwork is on display, audiences must roll Composure + Resolve (Difficulty equal to the number of successes on the Presence roll) or feel the effects of the rough equivalent of Awe or Daunt exuding from the piece. A Critical Success on the resistance roll renders the subject immune to further influence by the piece. Note: much like with the raw discipline, critics and observers may find themselves suddenly able to critique flaws or imperfections once they have left the immediate area.

Duration: N/A


Shape Change

The vampire can assume the shape of an animal roughly the same size as their original mass. The vampire can only change into one type of animal associated with their clan or the type of prey they most commonly feed on.

Below are the listed forms for each clan. If this is purchased out of clan, whichever clan the character fed from is the clan selection they will be able to pick from.

Feeding for BP2, slake 1 hunger from the animal. BP3 and over, drink as much blood as would slake 1 hunger for a BP2 vampire. It will not slake hunger for the BP3+ vampire, but will provide enough ‘animal resonance’ for the shapechange.

(Pick one)

Gangrel : Dogs, Coyotes, Wolves, Bats

The Ministry of Set : Snakes, Jackals, Wolves, Bats

Tzimisce : Lynxes, Armadillos, Wolves, Bats, Owls

Caitiff : Due to the quirk of the blood, they are unable to take form from a clan. Being the clanless clan, they have no source to draw from. Only able to change to those which they commonly feed from.

In order to claim the form they most commonly feed from, firstly they must have fed from the animal recently 3-4 times. And then continue to feed from the animal once every 2 months. If they do not, it will change to whichever animal they have fed from the most. If they have not fed from any animal recently they will revert to the clan form. They can only claim and use the clan form when the character has not fed from eligible (hinges on metamorphosis) animals in the last 2 months.

Animals most common to Seattle and the outlying areas.

Please remember that without Metamorphosis they will be unable to turn into animals that are not the same mass/ approximate physical size.

– Small Rodents, such as : Rats, Mice, Gophers

– Flying animals, such as : Seagulls, Crows, Pigeons, Bats, Woodpeckers, Ravens

– City animals, such as : Cats, Dogs, Possums, Raccoons, Squirrels

– Snakes, such as : Garter snakes, Gopher snakes, Racer, Western Rattlesnake, Rubber Boa.

– Mountain Beavers, Porcupine

– Deer

– Cougars, Bob Cats

– Coyotes – Bears

– Marine animals are not permitted, while a cool idea. They would ultimately get little to no play and become a useless form to take.

Disciplines used in animal form or by animal ghouls are as follows:

We are not making this list exhaustively so when using powers from other books please confirm with the ST first as there are some powers in different places that are not the corebook. Keep physiology and animal intelligence in mind. Example: A snake can’t use Uncanny Grip as it needs hands, sloths cannot use traversal. Disciplines that require the use of speech will require the ability to speak, such as parrots with their mimicry. The use of speech boards with animals will not circumvent this system as it does not come directly from them.

  • Auspex, Animalism, Celerity, Fortitude, Potence and Protean are all permitted.
  • Obfuscate, animal forms cannot use Mask of a Thousand Faces, True Love’s Face, or Imposter’s Guise.
  • Presence, no Lingering Kiss. Entrancement, keep in mind the limitations of being unable to communicate/speak.
  • Blood Sorcery is a no across the board.
  • Hecata Oblivion is a no across the board for animal ghouls but for kindred all powers are allowed except:
    • Ashes to Ashes
    • Skuld Fulfilled
    • Withering Spirit
  •  Lasombra Oblivion is able to be used but Tenebrous Avatar would shake the animal form as you transform.