Feeding and its Dangers | Feeding and its Dangers |

Feeding and its Dangers

Corebook p. 211

For feeding to be safe it needs to be done carefully and with time, and the bite wounds need to be closed afterwards – vampires can do this to their own bite marks by licking them. Marks left behind by another vampire or made with knives or other instruments can’t be licked shut.

Below is the chart explaining feeding and how it affects the victim:

When you take a harmful drink from a human, the human needs to test for their survival. In the case they do survive the initial blood loss, they still require urgent medical care, or might die later (and result in Stains for the character that left the victim to die).

Bite attacks and feeding

Corebook p. 213

Doing a bite attack is different from regular feeding. When you do a bite attack, you latch on to your prey and savagely tear at their throat to get to the blood inside. Bite attacks deal 2 points of Aggravated Health damage flat, and in addition to that they are always considered as unsafe feeding, causing 1 Aggravated for every Hunger slaked. Depending on the size and health of the human, they have approximately 3-5 levels of Health — if this is filled with Aggravated damage, the victim dies.