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How to Apply for ST

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To apply to become ST¹ you need to meet these requirements, after reading below you may apply via a ticket explaining why and what you can offer to us:

1. Have knowledge of both lore and system

2. Be able to write creative and engaging storylines as well as be flexible with players.

3. Remember that we keep homebrew at a minimum here.

4. Have all the books currently available to the public (Corebook, Camarilla, Anarch and Chicago by Night)

¹StoryTeller and Archon are two different positions. As a storyteller you’ll be able to run and control campaign related things, such as who joins, the development of plot and rewards. They are also responsible for handing out flaws to characters depending on what occurs during the campaign. A campaign needs to fit some guidelines before approval. Storytellers also help out with the day to day RP, watching for any breaches or possible situations and setting up a small story for them. This includes but isn’t limited to giving difficulties for rolls, creating awareness to bad situations by bringing in NPCs, helping players work towards a goal or objective.

As Storytellers there are some guidelines and rules to be followed, so we can protect the fairness of the game, since many play as well as Storytell.

1. You cannot ST for yourself. If your character is involved in any way, another ST should step in/take the reins. This makes it so that players can’t have an unfair advantage or even unconscious meta. If there isn’t another ST to take over, you must ask for difficulty for rolls. You must also deliberate about which actions would make sense for an NPC and come up with a consensus with the other ST and they give the final ruling. You cannot argue for your character especially when it’s beneficial to them, you can only give facts much like a user would and then step away.

2. Always get a second opinion. We build together, communicating with other STs is essential for fairness. If there is an issue with a current campaign you are running, communicate these issues with other STs before doing anything brash.

3. Be mindful of the tenets, you are a judge. During campaigns and normal play, as an ST, it’s up to you to stop any type of meta, powergaming, etc. that you see happening. In line with Rule 2, ask other mods to verify before passing a ruling on the offending player.

4. Be Fair. STs treat all players as equals. No favouritism.

Campaign Requirements

The campaign should not be centered around a single player character (and especially not one of the ST’s own). This is essential. Seeking your own character story and development shouldn’t be done as a campaign, as they are for everyone and having the campaign revolve around a single character/protagonist PC is unfair and problematic. Of course, campaigns can start around something and evolve from there, but they shouldn’t concern one character specifically.

The campaign must be self-contained and not over the top. End of the world stories, or stories that break the game in any way (i.e. involve the city in overt trouble) won’t be accepted. Considering we aim to follow the same universe as Bloodlines 2, having huge events happening is not viable. Apocalyptic stories also tend to be extremely exhausting and game-breaking. We plan to continue this game after with other campaigns, so keeping stories self-contained is essential.

The campaign must be well written with a clear path and objectives but allow for flexibility. The curse of the ST is having players do things you don’t expect. Having a path doesn’t always mean players will follow. Having a campaign that allows a degree of flexibility and change along the way is necessary. We require every storyline to have at least two ST’s; one ST may primarily run the campaign, while the other fills in when the primary ST is not available, or the second ST may help with playing certain SPCs, or providing an outside perspective. You can always ask for help if needed as you are not required to start off with a second ST. In any scenes involving one of the ST’s own characters, the other ST involved must assume the role of StoryTeller for the duration of it. The ST taking charge must not have one of their own characters involved in the scene. If both ST’s have characters who are involved in the scene, then a third ST must be called in to assume the role of StoryTeller for the duration of the scene.

If you would like to submit a campaign, please use this template and create a ticket

**Campaign Name:** Be creative!

**Who is STing this?:**

**General Plot Idea:** One sentence to summarize the storyline, please don't go over 4 sentence if needed.

**What factions/groups/ideologies are involved?:** The Camarilla, The Unseen, Cultists, etc etc

**What themes will this plot be taking hold of?:** Torture, Kidnapping, Murder, Romance? It's up to you to decide, but please keep tenets in mind.

**What homebrew (preferably none) will be needed? Does the lore of v5 back your story?:** This is important, keeping the server based around not only v5 but Bloodlines 2 is our primary goal.

**Will this be damaging any existing settings in the server?:** We prefer to keep damage to the server at a minimum. ALWAYS keep that in mind.

**Detail the plot:** We want to see as much information and as much progression, as you can write. Remember players don’t always go the way you want them to. You should write out alternative paths. Don’t worry about difficulties, or other things related to this. Just tell us what sort of paths will they be able to take, how it will be played out, and where it will go and end.

**What are the possible endings?:** Not every story has one ending, not every story has a happy ending. How will your campaign end in theory?