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If you have questions about humanity or how to accomplish this, you are free to ask within roleplay-advice, do not open a ticket unless you are submitting. Please remember that at the end of the day it is the Archons and Justicars who make the call on humanity upgrades. Regarding any advice given… while it should be a good path unless corrected by the Archons and Justicars, remember that at the end of the arc all of the context will matter. So nothing given will be a concrete ruling.

To qualify, you must ask for a chance to buy Humanity in a ticket.

  • We are looking for a Major Story Arc which spans weeks to months (irl) of play for the character which can include any combination of factors/plot points such as:
    • Genuine remorse for previous action.
    • Going out of their way to help a group they wouldn’t have prior.
    • A strongly developed change of heart and thought in their outlook on life.
    • Helping a touchstone or another kindred, when they normally wouldn’t, out of an extreme situation and doing so from a human mindset – this would constitute multiple scenes of aid spanning over weeks and different types;
      • ‘Human’ here is defined as not using kindred brutality and thought process, a type of thought that is more akin to what a human, good or bad, would employ. This does not mean they are entirely restricted from using surges or from using disciplines during this time, but it does mean that they should be mindful and make efforts to avoid such methods of relying on their beast instead of a human approach.
    • Stepping away from the vampiric solution and using the human approach. This does not mean your character can’t act like a vampire and use the tools at their disposal, but rather that you approach situations with a viewpoint that the character would have had when they were human and do not jump to eating people for example.
    • Gaining a new touchstone.
    • Working with kindred of higher humanity and being inspired by them to take their path and improve oneself or simply bettering yourself for another kindred that you care about.
    • TLDR; Be a more human POS, rather than a Vampiric POS.
  • Please remember that humanity is not defined by the “goodness” of a character, but by how far from their beast they are. So a character can still be an awful person but have high humanity. Humanity only entails that they think more with their human half than their kindred half.
  • You must include rolls in your posts and meet the minimum tenet of 7 sentences during the entire duration of the storyline.
  • Stains do inhibit the chance of purchasing humanity, too many stains or too often, the character may not yet be ready. The only exception is in cases where they are actively staining in order to change a conviction to reflect a different view of humanity.
  • Your rolls will be checked for any bestial failures and messy crits for the last week played prior to submitting the humanity increase, as well as for stains. These disqualify you.
  • If you lose humanity due to stains that are caused by Oblivion Rouses or situations where your character is collateral and ultimately uninvolved, climbing back up is far easier. Breaches and the like that are caused by Messy Crits, where the breach is minor is the same case.
  • Humanity 9 &10 – Good luck.
  • If you are approved to purchase humanity, it costs 2x new humanity level for the week you are approved.
  • If you are approved, you must purchase that humanity increase in the same week. You can only purchase humanity once a month.

In order to apply you type

-ticket open humanity (character name)

Then fill out this form in the channel created for you at the bottom of the server channel list:


*Current Humanity:* 

*Did you have any bestial failures/messy crits or stains in the last week?:*

*Why do they deserve humanity?:* Please give us all the information about the plot/events that unfolded that lead to them changing and earning their ability to gain humanity. Keep in mind what their level is currently and what the level will be when describing this; if the actions do not show improvement or the ability to be at that level of humanity, the character will be denied. Lower humanity is far easier to increase than higher, but remember you want to convince us why this character has changed enough to gain humanity. No one knows the character better than you.


Please remember these are not concrete amounts of work needed nor concrete methods but only examples of instances where characters have been given a raise in humanity based on their storylines.

Humanity bump from 7 – 8

Character realized that his choices lead him down the wrong path after being shut down by a lover when he risked his life and everyone’s life for them. He ended up breaking prey exclusion which set off the path to humanity. Bitterly looking at past choices, he sought change. It started with him developing a new touchstone with a promising young mortal, whom he did not pursue romantically even though it was very onbrand for the character. He then made a true platonic friendship with another kindred for the first time in a long time, who was helping him “get his shit together”. He took the healthy route out of a relationship with another kindred, instead of manipulating and gaslighting them, which was his usual approach. Aided in waking another kindred from torpor at his own cost, started teaching another kindred and aided two unknown thin-bloods when they were seeking refuge. He ended it with finally keeping a promise which he had broken multiple times to another kindred and scolded someone for the misuse of kindred power with blood dolls.

Humanity bump from 6 – 7

A character lost humanity after embracing a new childe on accident. Instead of abandoning the childe, they put their selfish desire to kill their sire on hold to help their childe adjust to unlife. They gave another kindred a second chance after being threatened and severely offended in their last meeting. They also put the comfort and safety of another kindred, a thin-blood, before their own even though at the time Thin-bloods were considered suspect. The thin-blood frenzied and fed from her, and taking the high road she did not kill the thin-blood for their actions.

Humanity bump from 6 – 7

A kindred who had been slowly giving into his more bestial side began to seek out ways to become more human. This led to nights of self reflection starting with taking a homeless kindred into his haven against his sire’s advice, because empathy was felt for his destitute situation. Providing room, board, clothing, and animal blood for the kindred to get a fresh start. Sometimes even giving his own vitae to help the wayward kindred. This also began a route of attempts to change hunting styles to consensualist and start seeing humans as more than sources of blood. With much danger to himself and treading the masquerade, this had him start to inform herd members of his blood drinking. This resulted in him ceasing to wipe their mind with dominate or manipulating them with presence; instead beginning to converse with them as people again. The final change came when he fully trusted the homeless kindred who he officially offered a permanent home in his haven, allowing his once secured haven to be shared with another for the sake of them having a steady place to sleep.

Humanity bump from 5 – 6

One kindred cut contact with a touchstone in order to protect them from another kindred who was hunting them. Before this, he was certain that violent confrontation was the best method to save her. He had been increasingly giving into the beast in order to become stronger. After having a heart to heart with another kindred, he reflected on how much of this conflict was a creation of his own and that no amount of violence was going to change it. He then opted to communicate with his enemy and determine a method best to keep his touchstone uninvolved with him. He did end up sacrificing himself in trade to the other kindred, turning himself in as a show of peace. Only to be given freedom by the other kindred as they were testing him.

Humanity bump from 5 – 6

A thin-blood met with two others of her kind, helping them out with their feeding at a time where she was leery and unwilling to aid others. Feeling kinship to these members of her “clan” she aided them anyway, and gave up her dyscrasia status and hunger 0 in order to help one of them as they failed to catch rats in an alley. The next night these three thin-bloods headed towards a meeting set up by another, which ended up being a trap. In full circle fashion she leapt off the building to avoid the SI, much like a time she had done before, but this time instead of using another as a cushion for landing, she used herself and rebroke her leg which had just healed. During the following nights she was kinder to those around her, less volatile and aggressive even when they were bothering her. In a moment where she was forced to feed from another kindred, she didn’t drain him down enough to reach hunger 1 as she was fearful that his hunting methods would get someone severely hurt. She ended her strive for humanity by finally visiting the grave of her mother for the first time, sobbing violently into the dirt and feeling remorse for all the awfulness of what she had done and thinking on how her mother would see her now.

Humanity bump from 4 – 5

At this time, this character’s one rule was her own survival over anyone else’s. Following the character’s conviction of loyalty they went onto a mission to help rescue a long lost friend after receiving a text message from them about where they were. Not knowing if it was a trap or not, she gathered a few people and headed towards this location. During the entire “adventure” she remained on guard and cautious, protecting herself over others, avoiding the combat. It was when she heard the voice of her friend, did she pull, without thought, onto a suspicious door and took a shotgun blast to the chest. In that moment the survival of her friend was far greater than her own, laying on the floor, she only wanted to ensure that they got her friend out of there. Following this event, she gave another kindred a second chance after he had destroyed her entire haven and passions in a fit of rage. Making amends for the damages caused physically and emotionally, the two started to work things out and she allowed the more sensitive and human-like side to start to show with the aid of his own affections. Making her a far less cold bitch, at least sometimes.

Humanity bump from 3 – 4

This kindred didn’t drain a human dry in a moment that he should have, letting her go and live her life instead of murder as he was inspired by his partner to not be so brutalistic towards humankind every time. He started to feel a tidbit of remorse for the cold blooded murder he committed during a bestial fail, considering that after the fact he should have called for an ambulance instead of letting her die in the alley. Prior to all of this, the character was cold, calculating and often plotting others deaths and saw no use to humanity as a whole. Through time and experiences with a higher humanity kindred he began to make choices that lead him towards the more thoughtful path, rather than one of murder and bloodshed, no longer feeling the pride of his murdering habits.