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Hunting and Resonances

Hunting for Oblivion Resonance 

Oblivion is unable to be induced, bloodhounded or via Scry the Soul. After a successful hunt roll, you call the /res command as usual. If the returning temperament is 1 and the character has tasted Oblivion (or has it naturally), they now have the Empty Resonance. However blood bags also give the empty resonance required, assuming the character has the ability to consume the bag and has access to Oblivion already. This will only work to level up Oblivion to level 3 and nothing beyond that. Beyond that it must come from a mortal either by luck or by the scene listed below. Any empty resonance given by a living mortal gives the +1 bonus to the discipline.

It is also possible to hunt with ST assistance at the Harborview Medical Centre, seeking empty resonances there. This will include different degrees of difficulty to accomplish and is dangerous.. To do so, contact a storyteller and check for availability, they will go over the scene with you.

Hunting for Specific Resonances

You can also hunt for other specific resonances. To do so, you must complete a scene to inducing a resonance in a vessel by making three rolls at diff. 4 or four rolls at diff. 3, the nature of the rolls (what Attribute+Skill) depending on the sort of emotion that you are aiming for. The rolls need to be made with different pools and can’t be the same one each time. Use of drugs in resonance inducement rolls will not be approved.

A Critical reduces the amount of rolls and their difficulty by one. This method always ensures an at least Fleeting Resonance.


Characters with the Bloodhound merit may roll a targeted Resolve + Awareness/Insight at difficulty 4 to find a victim of the desired resonance, then roll the hunting roll as per normal rules. When you roll temperament, this ensures an at least fleeting resonance.

Hunting and movement in or from locations

In regards to locations and changing when hunting, the following predator types cannot change where the hunt takes place. Context of the roll matters; for example even though Consensualists can move them, if it’s being done in a medical setting, they shouldn’t be able to convince the vessel to leave the clinic.

  • These PT are unable to move their victim once they are found : Alleycat, Sandpeople, Bagger, Graverobber, Farmer.
  • Can get them to move locations within the same channel excluding character havens or places that are secure for the vampire : Siren, Osiris, Scene Queen,  Extortionist, Consensualist, Cleaver.

Tapping Dyscrasia

In cases where the character has found someone with an acute resonance, there is a chance of Dycrasia. On server there are two ways to do this:

  1. Drain the mortal entirely.
  2. Tap the vessel after establishing a way to contact/find them, without the character slaking any hunger elsewhere, for a total of three times. Keep in mind that you must space out the feedings per slake in order to prevent a dangerous feeding. If they slake 1, they must wait one week. If they slake 2, they must wait two weeks before feeding again to prevent it. Feeding from the same vessel three nights in a row will stand a chance to kill them. Characters still must make a feeding roll in order to get the blood each attempt from the vessel, unless it’s herd.

When Dycrasia is obtained, players may choose to pick a special effect from the book or to bank +1 exp towards the correlating disciplines. With Dyscrasia you can level up twice when purchasing a discipline.

Organovore Flaw Predator Type Rolls

Due to the nature of this flaw, there are less option to select when hunting as it requires access to a body rather than just a regular living mortal.

  • Graverobber: the most common combination with the flaw. All rolls works that entail working with or obtaining a dead body. But the feeding on mourners does not, as they are living.
  • Alleycat: This works with Strength+Brawl, however you will be killing the victim and staining, as well as needing to deal with a corpse.
  • Bagger: Intelligence+Streetwise will work to find organs being sold on the black market, Intelligence+Larceny will work as stealing from a location.
  • Extortionist: Works within private morgues or private homes, you are unable to slake more than 1 hunger from private homes as it is an open casket sort of situation.
  • Those that will work, but will end with a dead body and stains are Osiris (Using your fame to feed but be warned it could create a bad reputation as your fans go missing), Sandman (Breaking and entering with a bloody scene left), Scene Queen (Use your fame to feed but be warned people could take notice as others in the subculture go missing), Siren (Using sex as a guile to lure in victims and kill them in the act)

Those that do not work: Blood Leech and Farmer as they are noncompatible with this flaw, Cleaver as you would dismantle your herd entirely… Consensualist, enough said.

Predator Type Rolls

Note: For many of these rolls, additional dice may possibly be added by specific applicable skill specs, and bonuses from merits or disciplines (Presence, etc.) These are not specified in the base rolls, as they would apply on a case-by-case and individual level. This is the finalized list of all allowable single-roll PT approaches for this server; if you wish to use any hunting method not explicitly included among these rolls you will need to write an extended scene incorporating multiple rolls rather than using a single PT roll.

If the character has the addiction flaw, they can do a roll before the hunting roll to find the right sort of drugged person. It can be any of these:

  • wits/resolve+streetwise (looking in the streets)
  • wits/resolve+awareness/medicine (looking for someone in a club or noticing the signs of the drug)


  • Streetwise + Wits (Roll to find criminals as prey.)* 
  • Strength + Brawl (Punching someone out or physically restraining them)
  • Manipulation + Intimidation (Holding someone up with a gun or other threat, no physical restraint) 
  • Strength + Intimidation (Threatening body language, no physical restraint) 

*Another roll from this list is still needed to actually hunt successfully hunt the criminals once found


  • Intelligence + Streetwise (Find blood bags)*
  • Intelligence + Larceny (stealing blood bags from locked blood banks/hospital storage)*
  • Manipulation + Medicine (drawing blood under false pretenses in medical setting)*

*Successful roll vs diff means the player has acquired enough blood bags to slake the current hunger level. An additional bag is acquired for two successes over the diff.

Blood Leech

  • No rolls, must work with other player characters to obtain blood


  • Charisma + Subterfuge (Being subtle with your charm to your family) 
  • Manipulation + Subterfuge (Being sneaky with your manipulation to your family) 
  • Charisma + Persuasion (Being charming and persuasive to your family) 
  • Manipulation + Persuasion (Using persuasion and manipulation tactics on your family) 


  • Manipulation + Persuasion (Convincing them to let you have the blood) 
  • Manipulation + Subterfuge (Lying about it to get the blood) 
  • Charisma + Persuasion (being charming) 
  • Manipulation + Medicine (Convincing them to let you draw blood) 
  • Charisma + Medicine (Convincing them to let you draw blood) 


  • Composure + Animal Ken (attracting animals by pacifying/calming them)
  • Wits + Survival (laying traps)
  • Dexterity + Athletics (hunting them down physically)
  • Composure + Firearms (shooting with gun/bow instead of trapping)
  • Dexterity + Stealth (stalking animals without being heard)
  • Strength + Animal Ken/Brawl (physically ambushing and fighting them)

Trying to feed on animals or people while the kindred is themselves in animal form (via Shapeshift or Metamorphosis) will use the animal form’s stat blocks. The kindred in animal form may pick any Predator Roll from any Predator Type made available here, within reason (we’ll be hard pressed to see a snake roll via Charisma + Persuasion), and roll the hunt using their form’s corresponding pool.


  • Manipulation + Subterfuge (Using manipulation tactics subtly) 
  • Manipulation + Fame/Leadership (Leveraging role to get the blood)*
  • Manipulation + Intimidation (Intimidating followers) 
  • Intelligence + Occult (Performing a ceremony/ ritual) 
  • Charisma + Performance (Performing a service/talk) 

*Fame can reduce the difficulty, but only if not using fame in the roll/substituting the skill. If fame is used, the fame should relate directly to the group upon which the character is feeding.


  • Dex + Stealth (Breaking in) 
  • Charisma + Medicine (Drugging someone) 
  • Dex + Medicine (drugging someone kidnapping style) 
  • Wits + Medicine (Grabbing drunk, already drugged prey at clubs) 

Scene Queen

  • Manipulation + Persuasion (Using manipulation and persuasion to acquire blood) 
  • Manipulation + Fame* (Leveraging your fame in the group to get blood)
  • Charisma + Etiquette (Using the group’s etiquette to acquire blood) 
  • Charisma + Leadership (Using your leadership to acquire blood) 
  • Wits + Streetwise (Knowing where/how to find/identify your group on the streets)** 

*Fame can reduce the difficulty, but only if not using fame in the roll/substituting the skill. If fame is used, the fame should relate directly to the group upon which the character is feeding.

**Another roll from this list is still needed to actually hunt successfully hunt the scene members once found.


  • Charisma + Persuasion (Being charming and persuasive) 
  • Charisma + Subterfuge (Being charming and faking interest in the target) 
  • Manip + Subterfuge (Being sneaky about your manipulation) 
  • Manip + Persuasion (Using persuasion and manipulation tactics) 


  • Charisma + Intimidation (Making the target want to please you… or else)
  • Manipulation + Intimidation (Twisting the situation to frighten the target)
  • Wits + Intimidation (Using on the fly information to get something) 
  • Intelligence + Intimidation (Using information to get something) 
  • Manipulation + Streetwise (Using knowledge of crimes/misdeeds as blackmail)


  • Stamina/Resolve + Larceny (Digging up a corpse — Mindless Corpses may assist with teamwork when digging) 
  • Resolve + Medicine (Searching among the freshly dead for corpses still bearing rancid blood)*
  • Intelligence + Occult (Dressing bodies for burial; religious or ritual approach)*
  • Intelligence + Medicine (Dressing bodies for burial; scientific/medical approach)*
  • Charisma/Manipulation + Insight (Feeding on mourners graveside)
  • Intelligence + Larceny (Sneaking into a morgue to steal blood/organs)

Note: A cold corpse can slake up to 3 hunger but should be treated like bagged blood when slake penalties for BP are considered. A body fed on soon before death will slake less; so will bodies drained of blood after death (as in the embalming process, for example) and bodies missing parts or organs.
*These rolls require the character to already have built-in or relatively guaranteed/secure access to large numbers of corpses, as in a job or other connection to a hospital, morgue, funeral home, etc. The roll itself in effect covers availability of a corpse meeting needed specifications for slaking, rather than providing access to the body itself.