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General Server Information

  • The only homebrew we use is what we have made and approved for the server, as we primarily follow VtM v5 rules-as-written. Any suggestions can be made via the feedback channel.
  • You are limited to 4 characters; only one of them is allowed to be Ancilla. If you have the full four, at least one of them must be from a book other than the corebook. NPCs used in stories do not count toward this limit.
  • You are NEVER permitted to severely alter or damage settings without ST permission first. You may not eradicate entire areas of the map either.
  • Always include your rolls within the corresponding posts in RP in a format such as [Dice pool, Successes, Difficulty]. The more information the better; this helps us track what is going on. An example is [Wits + Awareness, Succ 4, Diff 3]. If it’s a case where there is no difficulty, such as contested rolls, you do not need to include a difficulty.
  • This belongs at the top of every post, it’s what we call a header and helps us all organize the roleplay in channels. It also gives STs crucial information when guiding a scene.
    **[Name, Location, BoL, Specific Information, NA or A]**
    Name: Character name as on the sheet. If the character is going by a nickname currently, please still use their sheet name. If the character will be going by this nickname for the unforeseeable future, you can have it changed via update or just let us know and we will rename the file. It otherwise becomes a game of Sherlock Holmes to find your sheet when rulings are needed.
    Location: Please give the general location and then a specific place if needed. Especially during events or when in large locations with multiple other players, specifications such as [Elysium, Bar Area] help immensely.
    BoL: Abbreviation for Blush of Life It can either be “BoL” or no “BoL”, this is to indicate if they activated the Blush or not. Thin-bloods can place Lifelike here instead if they have the merit. Thin-bloods never need to roll BoL.
    Specific Information: This is things such as status when in the locations that match it. So Camarilla Status in Elysium. Active Disciplines should be listed as well if they are extended through multiple posts, such as Eyes of the Beast. Please also, if you’re in a campaign, include the title of the campaign in your master posts.
    NA or A: Non Approachable or Approachable.
    Things that shouldn’t be in the headers: Physical changes, such as damage, or hair changes. Beauty Merits, Nicknames, Fame, Loresheets and other unnecessary information. You can however just ping your partners and let them know in Rp-Coord that there’s this and that to be considered about your character.
    During Events, Status and Loresheets are allowed, if they are relevant. But otherwise they shouldn’t be included. This is only due to the sheer amount of players interacting and moving about who might recognise another character from their background Status.
  • Please always use #rp-coordination or the clan channels to organize your RP with other players.
  • Keep yourself up to date with recent news by checking the announcements whenever something is posted, or if you’re away for a period of time.

General RP Information

  • Every reset begins a new evening, so you will roll a Rouse Check when your character wakes.
  • Singular use of Blush of Life (Rouse check required) lasts for 1 IRL week, or until your character goes into day sleep.
  • Characters don’t need Blush of Life to use phones/touchscreens. Blush of Life is still needed if the character wants to have sexual intercourse (even for humanity 8 and above) or to eat/drink anything other than blood, unless it’s wine and the character’s humanity is 8 or above, or unless the character has a specific merit allowing them to do that regardless of the Blush.
  • Abilities, Loresheets, and Advantages which normally give the player information from the Storyteller are unreliable on this server unless in a ST-directed Campaign, so we discourage players from taking Premonition in the Auspex tree, for example. You must be otherwise comfortable with fair storytelling between yourself and your RP partners, but mods cannot do anything if they feed you false information for your rolls and abilities.
  • Neither torpor nor ghouling as character backgrounds can be used to circumvent the Sea of Time rules/ the age range that correlates to Ancillae. Your characters must be embraced and torpored/ghouled after 1940 unless you have permission to play an Ancilla character.
  • Appearance Merits and Flaws can be purchased after character creation only in conjunction with the use of Profane Hieros Gamos, raising or lowering Humanity, raising Blood Potency, or with the aid of a Tzimisce. When using Humanity as a stepping stone for the purchase, the Merit/Flaw might be lost if the character’s Humanity moves in the opposite direction again.
  • Characters can have a Ghoul Touchstone at character creation at the price of a Stain + a Remorse roll in their first week of play, but the ghoul cannot be Blood Bonded then or ever, as that would mean damaging/destroying the Touchstone. Allowed for older Neonates and Ancillae; younger vampires can only have mortal Touchstones.

Rule of Thumb for Time
One turn = One post

One Scene = Till location changes

One Session/ Chapter = One week

One Story = 3 months

Banned mechanics / Advantages

  • High Functioning Addict – Banned, no exceptions.
  • Stake Bait flaw is banned
  • Resources 5 is banned
  • Fame 5 is banned
  • Status – Cannot be bought at Character Creation when specific to the city of Seattle and its factions but must be earned in-game, most likely through a campaign. Clan status above 3 is banned; Faction status above 2 is banned.
  • Organovore – Banned on a first character. The flaw itself is not banned overall; however, when submitting a character with the flaw we will expect proper justifications on the sheet at CC for how the character survives and feeds with this flaw or it will not be approved.

High and Low Clans

Your character’s individual Clan status depends on the region they are from or where they were Embraced. So if your character’s Clan would have been considered High in the geographical region in which they were embraced, but Seattle would consider it Low, they are still mechanically considered to be High Clan.

For when it matters (for example with respective Loresheets), the divide into High and Low Clans in Seattle is as follows:

High Clans

  • Ventrue
  • Toreador
  • Lasombra
  • Hecata 
  • Brujah (Domain Dependent)
  • Ministry/Setites (From Egypt and nearby areas)
  • Banu Haqim (From Ashirra regions)
  • Tremere (Rare Domains; those embraced in Seattle are High)
  • Tzimisce

Low Clans

  • Gangrel
  • Nosferatu
  • Malkavians
  • Ministry/Setites (Outside Egypt and surrounding places)
  • Banu Haqim (Outside Ashirra)
  • Brujah (Domain dependent) 
  • Tremere (Domain dependent; those embraced in Seattle are High)
  • Salubri
  • Ravnos

Bad Words for Tech

Below is a list of “naughty” words to use via technology. Remember, these shouldn’t be used with any technology, written or verbal: you never know who is listening in.

Note : Some kindred specific terminology may be missing but still counts as a breach. Remember to use code names for anything related to vampire existence. It’s just smarter that way, and it keeps your character’s profile low from the SI. Below are some examples, but this isn’t an exhaustive list, just be clever with words online/on phones and your character should be safe.

No-no words that will attract SI like flies:
Clans (by Formal name)

Words that pose danger in a certain contexts:
Factional Locations Specific Names (ie Razor’s Edge, Withering Rose, etc etc.)

Who are the Second Inquisition (SI)

There seems to be a misconception that the SI is controlled by the government or is a government agency. This is not correct. They are a collection of loosely connected and only semi-organized agents in different departments acting on their own accord and manipulating their agency’s assets without official authorization or legal backing. The SI keep everything close to the chest; the information reported within the news or police is fabricated to appear as drug busts, trafficking or other acts, even up the point of terrorism. If the SI were revealed to be vampire hunters; the sudden knowledge of vampires would cause severe fallout within the global media. Political factions would get involved, there would be mass hysteria sweeping the population. For as much as Kindred keep the Masquerade, the SI (which is only name given to them by Kindred) keep it just the same.

SI Alert LevelDuration (Before Dropping 1 Level)Mechanical EffectsPossible Flavor Effects
Vampires? What vampires?Base level-n/aOrdinary night in Seattle
Suspicious1 WeekHunting difficulty in the affected area has increased by 1.Residents of the area are concerned about their safety.
Alert2 WeeksHunting difficulty in the affected area has increased by 2. Optional: SI interaction becomes a possible outcome on a messy/bestialResidents of the area are concerned greatly about their safety and mostly stay inside.
High Alert2 WeeksAll hunting difficulties go up by 1. Optional: SI interaction becomes a possible outcome on a messy/bestialIncreased police presence/alertness in the city. SI tuned in on the radio.
People are suspicious of strangers and travel in groups.
London Calling!1 WeekAll factional locations shut down and kindred are asked to remain inside. All hunting difficulties will go up by 2. Optional: SI interaction becomes a possible outcome on a messy/bestialRioting has been orchestrated by either side in order to draw out or draw attention away. 

Examples of how to reduce this as a PC.

Keep in mind that outright murdering the SI, especially as vampires, isn’t going to help. Some of these are the optionals from a messy/bestial fail. Making the attempt to lower the SI tracker will net players a +1 to exp after regular week calculations. If you intend to interact with the SI, you must ping Galador before taking that path. Keep in mind context will depend if/how much all the actions that week reduce it by.

1. Do not breach the masquerade. (This doesn’t net anyone anything, it’s just what characters should be doing)

2. Tampering with news outlets to change the narrative and report suspects caught with proof of their mortality over vampirism.

3. Help other PCs clean up breaches before they are found.

4. Bait the SI into trouble with the authorities. E.g. have them raid a drug bust or damage private property and get caught.

5. Attacking a surveillance group, leaving the remains but leaving it to appear as if mortals had committed the acts for some mortal reason.

6. Sabotage city infrastructure like traffic/surveillance cameras so that there are bigger concerns and the SI tech people can’t work so well. Straight up taking down a power grid. (this may also have consequences for other players)