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Rolling Dice

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Corebook p. 206

How To Roll

On this server we use two different bots for dice, the first is a standard dice bot. Useful for rolling random encounters, making decisions and other tasks. It’s simple to use with !r1d100, where !r[#of dice]d[sides of die]. 

The other rollbot we have is Realm of Darkness, it rolls according to v5 rules. It is also very simple, using the command /v 5 3 2, where /v [#of die] [#number of hunger die] [determined difficulty if applicable]. Characters never include Hunger dice in Rouse Checks, Willpower, or Humanity dice pools.

Please remember to add a comment stating what stats you rolled and for which character.

How many dice do you roll?

Your number of dice is usually the sum of the number of dots you have in a specific Attribute and Skill combined, more rarely the sum of two Attributes. You can also add in an additional die for specializations if they are applicable to the roll at hand, and you may always increase your pool via a Blood Surge (see section). At times, specific Merits or Backgrounds may give bonus dice at the ST’s discretion.

What’s a Hunger Die?
Hunger dice represent the current level of Hunger your character is at. When you have 1 Hunger, you will always roll 1 Hunger die and so on and so forth. Hunger dice are part of your pool: therefore, if your total pool is 5 and your Hunger level is 2, you will roll three normal dice and two Hunger dice. Follow the instructions above to roll properly with our bot.

Can I reroll dice?

You may reroll up to three regular dice by spending 1 point of Willpower, in order to achieve the needed number of successes. You may only reroll dice once per roll, and you cannot reroll Hunger dice. On server, you will type /rr to activate an automatic reroll: this will reroll any three failed dice.

You may also pick which number results to reroll, for example to avoid a Messy Critical. In this case, you must type the specific results that you wish rerolled, up to three.

Example: for a roll that resulted in 2 3 7 10 and a 10 in your Hunger pool, you may type /rr 2 3 10. This will reroll one of your 10’s as well as two failed dice. Please check all further instructions in our #plz-roll-here channel.

Common Dice Sets

None of these are set in stone and they can always be maneuvered around, but you will almost always roll with one Attribute and one Skill, though Attribute+Attribute rolls are possible. You will never stack two Skills, nor more than two stats, in order to create a larger pool. The only ways to increase your pools are a Blood Surge, the applicability of a specialisation, or on occasion, bonuses from your Merits (such as Contacts or Status).

Athletics + Dexterity (generally) OR Stamina (endurance) OR Strength (lifting)

Brawl + Strength (unarmed attacks/bite attacks/grapples)

Craft + Intelligence (generally)

Drive + Dexterity (complex maneuvers) OR Wits (split-second reactions)

Firearms + Composure (generally) OR Dexterity (quick draw) OR Resolve (sniper)

Larceny + Dexterity (generally) OR Intelligence/Wits/Strength/Composure (specific tasks)

Melee + Dexterity (melee weapon attacks) OR Strength (stakes)

Stealth + Dexterity (generally) OR Stamina (motionless)

Survival + Wits (tracking/finding shelter) OR Intelligence (camouflage/burying)

Animal Ken + Manipulation (distracting) OR Composure (feeding)

Etiquette + Manipulation (gossiping) OR Dexterity (appearance) OR composure (divert conversation)

Insight + Charisma (relax) OR Manipulation (interrogation) 

Intimidation + Charisma (staredown) OR Manipulation (subtle threats) OR Strength (physical displays)

Leadership + Charisma (generally)

Performance + Charisma (generally)

Persuasion + Manipulation (generally) OR Charisma (smalltalk) OR Intelligence (using research)

Streetwise + Intelligence (urban camo/finding illegal things) OR Charisma (language of the street)

Subterfuge + Manipulation (generally) OR Charisma (seduction) 

Academics + Intelligence (generally) OR Charisma (using your knowledge to convince someone)

Awareness + Wits (generally)

Finance + Intelligence (generally)

Investigation + Intelligence (generally) OR Resolve (tedious work)

Medicine + Intelligence (generally) OR Dexterity (surgery)

Occult + Intelligence (generally)

Politics + Manipulation (generally)

Science + Intelligence (generally)

Technology + Intelligence (generally)