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Rolling Outcomes

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Corebook pp. 206-207

When you roll dice, the following results may occur:

  • Bestial Failure
  • Failure
  • Success
  • Critical Success
  • Messy Critical

The RoD bot on server will automatically tell you your results based on the dice and your difficulty. While a failure simply means that you don’t succeed at the task at hand, a Bestial Failure triggers the instincts of the vampire and induces Compulsions. Find the Bestial Failures section in the primer. A success and a critical success (any pair of 10’s rolled in your pool is a critical, doubling your successes from two to four) essentially mean that you achieve the intended goals, however a Messy Critical Success means that the character’s vampiric nature influences their triumph negatively. Find the Messy Critical section in the primer.