The Camarilla

Prince Alec Cross – Ventrue


Sect Alignment: Camarilla

Location: The Elysium

Seattle’s Loyalists are essentially the Camarilla as presented in V5 source material. The domain is ruled by Prince Alec Cross and his Primogen Council, and Cross himself reports to the Archons and Justicars of the sect. The Loyalists enforce the Traditions and the city’s prestation system and maintain the safe-space of Elysium. The Duskborn of Seattle are branded by Primogen Mercurio and are considered under the protection of the Tower, though they are free to align themselves with other factions with that in mind.

Driven by Cross’s vision for the city, the Loyalists pursue power among the mortal government and law enforcement agencies of Seattle, the financial and technological sectors of business, and modern transportation concerns connected to and within the city.


Notable Relations with Other Factions
Pioneer (They’ve remained loyal to the Sect and the Prince)

Alliance: Unseen (Made in lieu with the Newcomers leaving)

Tolerates: Illuminare (They left the Sect, but are still on decent terms), Clan of Death (Due to Promise 1528)

Dislikes: Anarch (They are Anarchs), Sabbat (No one like the Sabbat)


The Pioneers

Lou Grand – Toreador

Sect Alignment: Camarilla

Location: The Seven Gables

The Pioneers are part of the Camarilla, but where the Loyalists have a more modern approach to governance, they maintain the power that they already had. Louanne Grand, former Prince of the City, is the leader of this group of ambitious and cultured individuals. From The Seven Gables, a defunct theater secretly restored to its former grandeur, they supplement the efforts of the Loyalists with a focus on swaying mortals and preserving the heritage of Seattle. They are also the custodians of an extensive Neillson Library located beneath the theater which houses volumes related to Kindred history.

Lou’s influence leads the Pioneers to focus their efforts on more cultural elements of the city, particularly the arts and high society, but they also maintain their grasp on older educational and financial institutions like universities and banks and even have ties to more entrenched criminal elements that have been in Seattle since Prohibition.


Notable Relations with Other Factions
Loyalist (They are the same Sect, even with Lou’s jaded view, the benefits are worth it.)

Tolerates: Illuminare (They stepped away from Cross’ power, but they are still lead by a Tremere), Clan of Death (Due to Promise 1528)

Dislikes: Anarch (They are Anarchs), Sabbat (No one like the Sabbat), Unseen (They are primarily Nosferatu, a Clan who Lou once banished from the city much like the Tremere).

The Illuminare

“Professor” Viktor Goga – Tremere

Sect Alignment: Autarkis

Location: Cutter’s Number Cafe

Formerly the Newcomers, the Illuminare have departed the Camarilla to establish themselves as an independent faction, but they welcome Kindred of any clan and stripe to join them in their pursuit of the truth of the vampiric condition. Professor Victor Goga has espoused a vision for the group as that of academics and questers for occult knowledge, divorced from the politics of the city. Members gather at Cutter’s Number Cafe to study, test theories, and help one another advance whatever path to enlightenment they pursue.

Under Goga’s guidance, the Illuminare have claimed and maintained control over modern academic, medical, and scientific institutions and have sway over various occult communities in Seattle.

Notable Relations with Other Factions
Anarch (For rejecting Cross’ influence and their free-spirited nature)

Alliance: Clan of Death (Made based on mutual interest)

Tolerates: Loyalist (Keeping things civil to keep after they left), Unseen (Made in response to the Anarch and Baron joining)

Dislikes: Pioneer (Lou has always been a problem for Clan Tremere and a pain for this faction), Sabbat (No one like the Sabbat)


The Unseen

The Council of Three, aka “the Speakers” – Nosferatu

Sect Alignment: Autarkis

Location: The Withering Rose

From Seattle’s sprawling Underground, the Unseen keep watch on all of the city’s hidden corners. Known as informants and spies primarily, they keep their eyes and ears open for secrets that allow them to play an outsized role in the domain. The enigmatic Council of Three issue directives through hidden channels, and have recently entered the Unseen into an alliance with the Camarilla of Seattle. The Withering Rose, a gorgeously deteriorating cabaret bar beneath the city, is the heart of a network of information that almost no one grasps the extent of.

The Unseen have their fingers in virtually every pie to some degree or another, but tend to use secrets as a path to power over Kindred and Kine alike.

Notable Relations with Other Factions
Anarch (They are working both fields with their alliance)

Alliance: Loyalist (Made in response to the Anarch and Baron joining)

Tolerates:  Clan of Death (Due to Promise 1528)

Dislikes: Pioneers (Due to the Clan Nosferatu being banished by Lou’s Princedom and their known presence being Nos, the Faction couldn’t fully exist before), Sabbat (No one like the Sabbat)

The Anarchs


Sect Alignment: Anarch

Led by: There is no defined leader, only SPC who help guide the sect.

Location: The Hole in the Wall

Ask ten Anarchs what their cause is and you’ll get ten different answers. This is especially true in Seattle, where the Movement is “led” by a council rather than a Baron. The vampiric criminal syndicate that ruled Aurora has thrown in with the Anarchs, expanding their numbers, but it remains to be seen what effect this “merger” will have on their activity in Seattle. The Anarchs do abide by the Convention of Thorns, and must announce themselves to the Prince by letter like any other faction. In exchange, they are left unbothered in their headquarters, The Hole in the Wall.

With so many members holding to their own agendas and ideals, the Anarchs don’t have much concentrated sway in the city outside of their closeness to activists and criminals. They focus on neighborhoods at a street level, and politics at a grassroots level, as a general rule.

Notable Relations with Other Factions
Illuminare (For giving Cross the middle finger)

Tolerates:  Unseen (Not a Camarilla faction but they do have an alliance with the tower), Clan of Death (Due to Promise 1528)

Dislikes: Loyalist (They are Camarilla), Pioneer (They are Camarilla), Sabbat (No one like the Sabbat)


Clan of death

Sect Alignment: Independent
Led by: Andrea

Location: Serenity Medical Center

Distinct from the Hecata as a clan, which is a trait inherited through the Embrace, the Clan of Death is the Hecata-only political organization that interacts with other sects and factions at the direction of the Anziani of the 1444 Chamber. They often assist other factions with their necromantic Oblivion expertise but do not get involved directly in sect wars due to the Promise of 1528. The true interests of the Anziani are unknown to members at large, but in general the Clan of Death seeks to cultivate influence in every domain they participate in, among kine and vampires alike.

Notable Relations with Other Factions

Alliance: Illuminare (Made based on mutual interest)

Tolerates:  The Clan of Death, due to their independent, mercenary nature and the Promise of 1528, currently Tolerate and are Tolerated by all other save the Illuminare.



Unaligned / Autarkis

Sect Alignment: Autarkis

Led by: There are no leaders, every kindred for themselves.

Location: None.

Current goals: Many and mixed. Some may want to profit off both sides of the Sect conflicts and others many simply want to be left alone. There are also some clans with their own agendas: the survivalist Salubri, the wandering Ravnos mercenaries, and the cunning Tzimisce. Cults may or may not have their own agenda outside the Sect framework like the Church of Set. 

Relationships with other factions: Various. May distrust and work with any faction that suits their need