The Camarilla

Prince Alec Cross – Ventrue


Sect Alignment: Camarilla

Location: The Elysium

Current goals: Maintain the city from breaches, ensure those who reside within the city have presented themselves to the Prince and keep fostering a stronger political and economical grasp on this Camarilla Domain.


Notable Relations with Other Factions: They are fond of the Newcomers. They tolerate the Pioneers, as an opposing faction within the Camarilla structure. However, they do maintain a working relationship and lines of communication with Pioneer leadership. They do not like the Anarchs, but uphold Thorns as long as it is abided by.


The Pioneers

Lou Grand – Toreador

Sect Alignment: Camarilla

Location: The Seven Gables

Current goals: Foster relations with those within the city and rebuild her ranks after her fall from grace. Work to regain power and influence in the city, which at times might mean undermining.

Relationships with other factions: They are not fond of the Unseen. They tolerate the Camarilla, as an opposing faction within the Camarilla structure. However, they do maintain a working relationship and lines of communication with Camarilla leadership. They have a disdain for the Tremere and thus the Newcomers, as Lou Grand kicked them out of the city during her Princedom. Anarchs could be useful to undermine the current Camarilla leadership, but that doesn’t mean they are beloved; they are the enemy of my enemy.

The Baron

The Baron of Aurora


Sect Alignment: Autarkis

Location: Razor’s Edge

Current goals: Remain in the shadows, taking out those who oppose them and won’t be noticed. They work to keep grasp on their territory of Aurora. They want to move the Anarchs out due to their volatile and spontaneous movements. Striving to keep the impoverished and desperate exploitable. The Baron works to control all organized crime within the city, those who do not work for the faction face troubles with him.

Relationships with other factions: They are not fond of the Unseen and barely tolerate the Newcomers. They have an understanding with the Camarilla and Pioneers.

The Newcomers

“Professor” Viktor Goga – Tremere

Sect Alignment: Camarilla

Location: Cutter’s Number Cafe

Note: This is a Tremere faction, not one to which all newcomers to Seattle automatically belong

Current goals: Reaching out to the downtrodden and offering assistance that oftentimes includes indoctrination. 

Relationships with other factions: They like the Camarilla and barely tolerate the Baron. They hold a grudge for the Tremere ban that Grand enforced against The Pioneers. All houses welcomed save for Goratrix, no Sabbat.

The Unseen

The Council of Three, aka “the Speakers” – Nosferatu

Sect Alignment: Autarkis

Location: The Withering Rose

Current goals: Gather secrets on other kindred to use them against them. With information being power, they aim to play the sects and factions against each other while protecting their own. This is a faction who wants to gain status in order to move up and gain visibility. They also keep the Underground clean.

Relationships with other factions: They are not fond of the Camarilla, the Pioneers, the Baron, nor Anarchs.


The Anarchs


Sect Alignment: Anarch

Led by: There is no defined leader, only SPC who help guide the sect.

Location: The Hole in the Wall

Current goals: Build their ranks, begin to attempt to undermine Camarilla power without being suspected. If they are found out by the Camarilla, they know they will be killed.

Relationships with other factions: Hates the Camarilla and Pioneers. Distrust the Unseen, Newcomers and Baron, but will work with them.


The Sabbat

Sect Alignment: Sabbat

Led by: There is no leader as the sect is too small and spread apart from the strength of the tower.

Location: None.

Current goals: The actions of the Sabbat overall are very “cloak and dagger,” being low-key stuff as opposed to major actions in order to not be found and continue to survive. At this moment their goal is undefined other than to see another night as their numbers are thin and at risk from any faction killing them.

Relationships with other factions: Hated by all

Please refer to this section if you wish to play an active Sabbat Character.


Unaligned / Autarkis

Sect Alignment: Autarkis

Led by: There are no leaders, every kindred for themselves.

Location: None.

Current goals: Many and mixed. Some may want to profit off both sides of the Sect conflicts and others many simply want to be left alone. There are also some clans with their own agendas: the survivalist Salubri, the wandering Ravnos mercenaries, and the cunning Hecata. Cults may or may not have their own agenda outside the Sect framework like the Church of Set. 

Relationships with other factions: Various. May distrust and work with any faction that suits their need



All information gathered from Vampire: the Masquerade 5th edition books,, already released materials, some faction tensions were taken from gameplay/trailers/interviews/pdxcon. These faction descriptions may not be 100% in line with what Bloodlines 2 will show and are subject to change when more information is released.