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Prose style written with a minimum of 7 sentences per post to allow players of all timezones to play without being left in the dust, with appropriate turn order and week-long nights to allow full experiences.

Staff and users alike are always willing to aid others in learning how to write and enjoy the setting, with guides and other items available to aid new and learning writers.


What SBN Offers

Play by Prose Style RP in the World of Darkness v5

Inexperienced and experienced players are welcome

Both freeform RP and Storyteller-driven campaigns

RP Events for Factions/Clans to mingle and meet

A pro-BLM, LGBT+ and supportive place

Set before the mass embrace

The city is controlled by the Camarilla. Even those who do not wish to join their ranks are met by factions unique to Seattle, each with their own agendas. The Second Inquisition is roaming the city at night, hunting for those who breach the Masquerade and expose mortals to the kindred world. Who will you side with? Who will be able to keep you safe from the hunters? Can anyone? For more information on what’s happened in Seattle prior to the Mass Embrace:


As game information is given the setting grows

This is a fanmade roleplay server based on the game ‘Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2.’ If you wish to check out the game or find more information on it, follow the link below:

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