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Ancilla Characters

If you wish to have an Ancilla character, you must meet these requirements:

  • Have a Neonate or Fledgling for at least one month, during which time you have been actively playing that character;
  • Demonstrate few/minor or no errors in the mechanics and historical knowledge on your initially submitted Ancilla sheet during the review process, and be able to fix those few or minor errors in one try after staff provide revisions;
  • Take and pass an Ancilla test that staff will provide after the sheet itself is approved. 

The Ancilla test is not timed and is open book. It mostly covers basic fundamentals rather than deep or rare lore facts, but this test ensures that a player has both the corebook and a decent grasp of mechanics and lore.

Sheets with few or minor errors will be allowed one revision attempt in the initial submission ticket; if the player is unable to fix the sheet in that one attempt, we will ask that they take two weeks to refresh themselves on mechanics etc and resubmit, if desired, at the end of that period. If a sheet is submitted which has multiple or substantive errors, we will ask that the player take two weeks to rework the sheet, according to a list of fixes which staff will provide, before resubmitting. 

In creating an Ancilla character, we ask that players have a demonstrated grasp of the time period and culture from which their character springs; we have the expectation that all historical detail included in the bio be accurate and well-researched, and we want to see elements of the biography which relate directly to the time period in which they were born and embraced. How did their experiences in these historical eras shape the character, making them the person they are? An overly generic biography which could easily be interchanged with that of a fledgling will not be approved.

That said, we will also not approve any histories/biographies which are overly convoluted or which imply character status through interactions with important kindred figures or factions, up to and including working directly for/with canon characters; being the lover or childe or friend of any canon character outside of the specific parameters allowed for in Loresheets; or any similar interactions which would rise to this level. Faction/sect status is banned at creation, whether through taking the merit or merely having it implied by biographical interaction.