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Cults in Seattle

Below find the views of the Camarilla Court of Seattle regarding common kindred-specific cults. This information is based upon both precedent already set through RPed plots and incidents on server; and on the information available in Cults of the Blood Gods regarding both the general beliefs/activities of the cults in question and their usual or typical reception in or by Camarilla-controlled domains. 

Note that an “outlawed” or “disapproved” cult status does not mean a character cannot belong to one of these cults on server; it only means that if they are, there are potential consequences, including status flaws and up to and possibly including final death, should their adherence to the cult become known and depending upon the character’s roleplayed activities. 

Mithraic Mysteries

Tolerated by the Camarilla of Seattle. While London’s courts have fallen and Mithras himself is no longer a great power, his cult, unlike many others, is one of law and rigid order. Their loyalty is not to the Camarilla but they are unlikely to cause any great breaches. So long as they behave, their activities would be tolerated in Seattle’s domain.


Outlawed by the Camarilla of Seattle. Any kindred caught preaching the word of Bahari publicly will be held suspect or shunned by the Tower, and possibly by other aligned factions also, depending upon the severity of the Ba’ham’s offense.


Disapproved/Outlawed by the Camarilla of Seattle. A Bahari-like sect with its base in Chicago, very few kindred are likely to even know of its existence. However, should any Cultivars be discovered within Cross’s domain, they would share their sister-cult’s status.


Allowed by the Camarilla of Seattle. Most variants of the search for Golconda are looked upon with a sort of benign bemusement by those who are not themselves true seekers. They see adherents of the path as misguided at worst, and generally harmless. There is one exception to this, however. (Detailed below.)

The One True Way (Golconda)

Outlawed by the Camarilla of Seattle. The Golconda cult as preached by the Master of Ravens in his pamphlet The One True Way is seen as a Masquerade breach in the making, as well as a dangerous and deadly cult. Ownership of the pamphlet is banned, and any hint that the Master of Ravens is setting up a cell of the cult in Seattle would be met by swift action.

Church of Set

Tolerated by the Camarilla of Seattle. The Setites can be useful as long as they do not make too much trouble. They serve a useful function in kindred society, and so they are tentatively tolerated, if only because they make convenient scapegoats… and because they tend to have leverage on those who come to them for their services. Tolerated, but never trusted.


Distrusted by the Camarilla of Seattle. A hedonistic cult, populated and run mainly by Toreadors, it would be very easy to underestimate the Nephilim as little more than a gathering of sybarites wasting their unlives on debauchery. However, disturbing rumors have reached the ears of some Camarilla officials, and the cult itself seems strangely Well-organized for a bunch of revelers. For now, they are being watched.

Church of Caine

Tolerated by the Camarilla of Seattle. The Cainite Heresy has long, deep roots; and while its resurgence in modern nights is a surprise and something of a mystery, as yet the gnosis preached by the Heretics does not seem to threaten much. A Justicar, Juliette Parr of the Malkavians, has sent word that any missionaries of the Heresy are not to be opposed. Her reasons for this are a matter of debate.


Outlawed by the Camarilla of Seattle. With its anti-Camarilla nature, and its ranks being filled almost entirely by the Thin-blooded, there is no welcome for this diablerie-happy and Anarchic cult to be found in Seattle, particularly in light of the attempted uprising by Thin-bloods which Seattle has only recently weathered. (Note: This cult is banned on server for PCS.)

Cult of Shalim

Disapproved by the Camarilla of Seattle. A relatively new and relatively unknown cult, the Shalimites have not at this time brought themselves much to the attention of the local Tower. However, their destructive and nihilistic ethos is unlikely to meet any approval, particularly given their association with former enemies, the Lasombra.


Distrusted by the Camarilla of Seattle. While the Amaranthans have long operated with the tacit approval of most kindred due to their avowed hatred for diablerie, the shifts in power in modern nights have brought new distrust upon them. Prior to the Sabbat’s dissolution, members of that amaranth-happy sect were the bulk of the Amaranthans’ victims; but these nights, even Camarilla members of high rank have begun to fall prey to these arbiters of vengeful justice.


Allowed/Tolerated by the Camarilla of Seattle. Who cares if some sewer rats want to  dress up nice? And in any case, no one outside the Cleopatrans themselves knows there’s anything more to it than harmless self-deception.

Cult of Isis

Distrusted by the Camarilla of Seattle. Taking in and teaching abandoned fledglings is a good idea, in theory; and the Camarilla under Cross has promoted it as a method to contain breaches and defend against the SI’s watchful eye. But a cult or sect growing in membership, and one populated in great part by Caitiff, is never one which will be entirely trusted; a watchful eye will need to be kept, lest this strength threaten the Tower itself in domains in which the cult has entrenched.

Eyes of Malakai

Outlawed by the Camarilla of Seattle. Vicious, unstable predators who often fall to wighthood and, even when they have not, nevertheless still lose all sense of the humanity to which they’d clung and begin to turn upon their former companions in unpredictable and deadly ways? Why on earth would that sort of thing be frowned upon? (Note: This cult is banned on server for PCS.)

Gorgo’s Nest

Outlawed by the Camarilla of Seattle. As deadly and dangerous as the Bahari, despite despising them, the Gorgo’s Nest cultists are almost entirely low humanity and low on fucks to give, too. Despite targeting abusers, they show no compassion for the abused, only a desire for bloody vengeance of the nastiest sort. No stable domain would welcome these women. (Note: This cult is banned on server for PCS.)

Los Hijos de Si 

Tolerated by the Camarilla of Seattle. A sort of Mystery Cult endemic to Peru and Bolivia, Los Hijos are, by and large, not destructive, not unstable, and… not in Seattle. If any were to visit, it’s unlikely their ethos or actions would draw the ire of the Primogen or Prince.

The Meneleans

Allowed/Approved by the Camarilla of Seattle. One of the few cults whose aims are almost entirely constructive rather than destructive, Meneleans have long been pillars of Camarilla domains… like their founder and master, Menele himself. With Menele now gone to the Beckoning and presumed dead, his cult is in disarray; but those who cling to the principles by which they have always lived their unlives will find welcome in the Camarilla of Seattle.

Sons and Daughters of Helena

Tolerated by the Camarilla of Seattle. This cult, or pyramid scheme, is not overtly destructive and does seem to provide inspiration to its adherents. They might lose resources in serving the cult and, supposedly, Helena herself; but they don’t generally lose their humanity or their lives.

Servitors of Irad

Outlawed by the Camarilla of Seattle. Vicious warmongers who seek only to drench the world in blood and bring back the Antediluvians whom they consider their masters, even the Sabbat might find the Servitors a little much.