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Custom Loresheets for Seattle

To level Rare Stocks and White Widow
For this you keep counting between the levels, remember you can only go once a month.
When it comes to custom orders where it’s not the standard Luna Winery product, then resources may or will be tapped into for what’s obtained. Make an ask in situations where you are buying something high shelf.
Level 1 – Obtain the information, go to the location and give a rouse to obtain the product.
Level 2 – 3 total Visits at this location, and do a double rouse to obtain this level.
Level 3 – 7 total Visits at this location, do a double rouse to obtain this level.
Level 4 – After 10 total Visits, ping Archonbun to set up a scene with Hadriana or ping KJ to set up a scene with Lukas.
Level 5 – You must have the first three levels of this loresheet. This character must show their enthusiasm or sophistication in what Hadriana provides.

Note : Below are the Faction Location Specific Loresheets, they are each traversed differently based on the sheet itself. If you have questions feel free to ask on server regarding them. They may not be bought at CC but are earned in play. It’s advised to only traverse one sheet per character, as swapping between factions after going up multiple levels could be dangerous as well as costing you all the dots you have already earned in the other faction.

Loresheets from the Books

When purchasing loresheets, please remember that you must have the appropriate roleplay and/or background for obtaining the perks and benefits of the sheets. Without the appropriate RP/BG it will be denied. Think about the fluff and implication of the sheets as well, as some are best bought at creation and cannot be bought with a missing or counter background for a character. Sheets such as Descendants, cannot be purchased after creation.

Some are banned for players to purchase as they may be future campaign concepts and would be obtained via these campaigns, rather than purchased.


All the following Loresheets from the Corebook are banned and/or irrelevant on server: 

  • Jeanette/Therese Voerman – We do not know where they are in BL2

The Bahari

Dangerous Reputation: Allowed

Ritual Scarification: Allowed

Sacrifice the Children: BANNED

The Womb’s Blood: BANNED

First-Cursed: BANNED

Theo Bell

Rebel Cell: Allowed

True Anarch: Allowed

Contact Information: Allowed, but with ST intervention

Bell’s Circle: BANNED

Sect Neutrality: Allowed, with the stipulation that they cannot fight your battles, but you are using these Brujahs’ resources, such as their human contacts and retainers, lent to you.

Cainite Heresy

Let He Who Hath Understanding: Allowed

Hand of the Heresy: Allowed

Counter-Inquisition: Allowed

Red Celebrant: Allowed, but with ST supervision

The One Named in Prophecy: BANNED


Embrace the Vision: Allowed

The Rebel Trail: Allowed

Unorthodox Rituals: Allowed

Reimagined Bond: BANNED

Book of the Grave-War: Allowed

The Circulatory System

Tap into the System: Allowed

Little Black Book: Allowed

Farm Upstate: BANNED

Secure Transit: Allowed, but only used to travel. The Ghouls will not enter combat unless the vehicle is attacked, then only in self defense. You cannot be the driver.

Blood Sommelier: Allowed

Convention of Thorns

Thorns Historian: Allowed

Tradition Master: BANNED

Convention Secrets: BANNED

Prospective Justicar: BANNED

New Traditions: BANNED

The First Inquisition

Mistakes of the Past: Allowed

Names of the Guilty: BANNED

The Sect of St. James: Allowed, but you need to get a ST to play the contact.

The Second Act: Allowed, but you need to get a ST to play the contact.

Black Spot: Allowed, but the ST set the black spots.


Seeds of Golconda: Allowed

The One True Way: Allowed

Saulot’s Discipline: Allowed

Satisfy the Hunger: Allowed

Greet the Sun: Allowed, but only Ancillae may purchase it at creation.

Descendant of Hardestadt

Voice of Hardestadt: Allowed

Supreme Leader: Allowed

Ventrue Pillar: Allowed

Line to the Founders: BANNED

Hardestadt’s Heir: BANNED

Descendant of Helena

Skin Deep: Allowed

Real Talent: Allowed

Embrace the Stereotype: Allowed

Divine Purity: Allowed

Succubus Club Franchise: BANNED

Sect War Veteran

Survivor: Allowed

Active Participant: Allowed, but only taken as Mawla or Status within Clan, not Sect.

Trophy Kill: Allowed, but situationally-determined limits will be placed on the rank and circumstances of the Trophy Kill personage, each case will be evaluated by STs separately. 

No Vampire’s Land: BANNED

Sect Agitator: BANNED

The Trinity

Constantinople: Allowed

Antonius’ Architecture: Allowed, you can calm any court debate with ST intervention, but no mediation.

The Dream: Allowed

The Dracon: BANNED

The New Trinity: BANNED

The Week of Nightmares

Oral History: Allowed

Ravnos Remains: BANNED, till Ravnos release of companion guide

I Was There: Allowed, but you cannot force player characters to give boons. Best used in Campaigns.

The Red Star: Allowed

Blood of Zapathasura: BANNED


Newfound rights: Allowed

Them and Theirs: Allowed

Gangrel Advocate: Allowed, but the meetings cannot be frequent and should be used only when completely needed. STs will need to be contacted to play the Camarilla, and will decide if the meeting is allowed.

The Bear Pack: BANNED

Rudi’s Army: Allowed

Descendant of Tyler

Instigator: Allowed

Champion of the Cause: BANNED

Tyler’s Mercy: Allowed

The Furores: BANNED

Permanent Revolution: BANNED

Descendant of Zelios

Sanctuary: Allowed

Saboteur: Allowed, but requires ST intervention.

On Commission: Allowed, but with restrictions. You will only know the havens of the vampires who, in active SbN name, ask you to help them. You may require a minor boon from them. You will not start the game with minor boons already under your belt and you do not know the haven locations of powerful NPCs or SPCs at creation.

The Labyrinth: Allowed

Sense the Ley Lines: Allowed

Descendant of Vasantasena

Agent of Chaos: Allowed

Hear My Words: Allowed

Scent the Bond: Allowed

Destroy the Bond: Allowed

Sabbat Becomes Camarilla: BANNED

High Clan

Peacock: Allowed

Sway the Low: Allowed, but the bullied mawla must be a player and BOTH players must be consenting to play this out. If you fail to compensate after a failure, you will gain an adversary flaw from whoever turned on you. If it’s a PC and they retire, you will gain a new adversary from that clan.

Elevate the Low: BANNED

Embraced to Rule: BANNED

Blessed, not cursed: Allowed

Low Clan

Thick Hide: Allowed

Cursed with Pride: Allowed

Uncanny Kinship: Allowed, but only taken as Mawla or Status within Clan, not Sect.

Trade Among Equals: Allowed
Criticality Incident: BANNED

Ambrus Maropis

True Believer: Allowed

Clandestine Information: Allowed

Taught by the Best: Allowed, with ST intervention

Back Door Panopticon: Allowed, but get consent from players you are hacking

On Another Grid Entirely: Allowed

Carmelita Neillson

The Art of the Story: Allowed

The Art of the Will: Allowed

Neillson Library: Allowed, but there are existing rules on the libraries. The only limit is each library must be unique. If not purchased at creation, you will need to work to contact Carmelita or draw the attention of someone who would have these resources.

Interview With the Methuselah: BANNED

Ancestor’s Tomb: BANNED

Fiorenza Savona

On Fiorenza’s List: Allowed

Breakfast with Fiorenza: Allowed, but you must contact STs

Friendly Benefits: Allowed

The Directorate: BANNED

Government Motion: BANNED

Descendant of Karl Schrekt

Remember the House: Allowed

Hardliner: Allowed

Ritual Preparedness: Allowed, needs to be RP’d out

Archon’s Bane: Banned at creation. Must be applied for through a ticket and is monitored by STs.

Know the World: Allowed

Descendant of Xaviar

Martyred Ancestor: Allowed
Where the Bodies Are Buried: Allowed
Loyal Hound: Banned at creation. It can be acquired during campaigns if the character works for the Camarilla. They will not be acquiring dots in Domain due to the lack of the mechanic in SbN, those may be instead invested in Haven.
Monstrous Bat: Allowed

Experience the Antediluvian: Allowed

Anarch Book

All the following Loresheets from the Anarch Book are banned and/or irrelevant on server: 

  • Blood Plagued

Salvador Garcia

A Way with Words: Allowed, as with any roll, your writing must match the outcome of the dice. If your dialogue is weak and yet score a high level succ, it may not pass though the characters may feel you are very sure of yourself.

Old School: Allowed, but only at CC and/or possible via campaigns

Enemy of the State: Allowed

The War of Ideas: Allowed, but this is mostly flavor as Seattle is primarily Camarilla and there is no Anarch Domain currently.

Rise up: BANNED

Agata Starek

Terrorizing the Powerful: Allowed

Apprentice: Allowed, but with other player’s approval and/or ST approval

A Favor Owed: BANNED

Unlikely Allies: Allowed, but with ST oversight

The Joy of Transgressions: BANNED

Hesha Ruhadze

One of Hesha’s Works: Allowed

Something Hesha Wants: Allowed, but with ST supervision (Resources is capped at 4)

Museum of the Faithful: Allowed

Blood Cult: Allowed, but only with PC

Hear the Blood Sing: Allowed, functions like Premonition

The Church of Set

Congregation: Allowed

Tap the Secret Vein: Allowed

Freedom from the Aeons: Allowed

Degenerative process: Allowed, but with other player consent

Body of Set: Allowed, but limited to Ancilla characters

Ruins of Carthage

Clan Historian: Allowed

Punic Pride: Allowed

Death to Tyrants: Allowed

Troile’s Wish: Allowed, but with other player’s approval and/or ST approval

Carthage Anew: BANNED

Anarch Revolt 

Critical Ancestor: Allowed, but with clan status instead of Anarch Status

Speak the Words: Allowed

Enemy of the Establishment: Allowed

Icon: Allowed, but with clan status instead of Anarch Status

Reignite the Revolt: Allowed, but with ST supervision

Camarilla Book

All the following Loresheets from the Camarilla Book are banned and/or irrelevant on server: 

  • The Pyramid

Fatima Al-Faqadi

Weapons Locker: Allowed, with ST approval

Extended Web: Allowed, with ST supervision but do not forget to pay.

Missed Hit: Allowed, status is given to Banu Haqim

Recognized Judge: BANNED

Open Contract: BANNED

Pure Ventrue Lineage

Sire of Renown: Allowed

A Lineage of Title: BANNED

Recitation: Allowed

Legendary Lineage (choose one): Allowed, the Antonius lineage comes with changes. The lack of domain mechanics in the server means that the bonus applies to your own haven or any building the characters plan to defend instead.

Name the Antediluvian: Restricted. Allowed, at creation, only ancillae may take this level. In-game, only characters who made extensive research may take this level.

Cult of Mithras

Neophyte: Allowed

Nymphus: Allowed

Leo: Allowed

Perses: Allowed, with the modification that the killing rights of the Perses are revoked.

Unconquered: BANNED

Victoria Ash

Ashen Kiss: Allowed, but mostly flavor

Vermillion Invitation: Allowed, but taken at CC with proper background

What Makes Them Tick: Allowed

Celebrity Affection: Allowed

Patron, Lover, Companion: BANNED

Chicago Book

All the following Loresheets from the Chicago Book are banned and/or irrelevant on server: 

  • Annabelle
  • Blue Velvet
  • Capone Gang
  • Cultivar
  • Fires and Flood and the Devil’s Night
  • Kevin Jackson
  • The Labryinth
  • Nathaniel Bordruff
  • The Painted Lady
  • Wauneka

Ballard Industries

Deep Pockets: Allowed

Where the In-Crowd Goes: Allowed, with ST Supervision

I Fought the Law and I Won: Allowed, with ST Supervision

Favors for Favors: Allowed, if you already have status and with ST approval or against other PCs and with player consent

The View from the Top: Allowed

Blacksite 24

Rumors: Allowed, but mostly flavor
No, Really!: Allowed, but mostly flavor and locked to character’s from Chicago
Paranoia Strikes Deep: Allowed, requires ST approval and supervision

It’s My Job to Know This Stuff: BANNED

The One That Got Away: Allowed, with appropriate background taken at CC and with ST supervision

The Book of Nod

Precis: Allowed

Well-versed: Allowed

Scholar: Allowed

Collector: Allowed, with player consent and/or ST approval

Noddist Master: Allowed, with ST approval and supervision

The CobWeb   

A Break In the Static: Allowed

Shared Condition: Allowed

Across the Web: Allowed

Pluck the Strands: Allowed, with ST supervision

Malkav’s Will: Allowed, with ST supervision and works like Premonition

Cult of Shalim

Dark Whispers: Allowed

Cult Initiate: Allowed

Power of Faith: Allowed

Crush the Dreams of Life: Allowed, but the Aggravated Damage can be healed the next day per usual.

Shalim Is: Allowed

Descendant of Lodin

Baby of the Family: Allowed, if there’s an explanation why the character is not in Chicago

Responsible Middle Child: BANNED

Black Sheep of the Family: Allowed

Like Sire, Like Childe: Allowed

Long-lost Relative: Allowed, but with restrictions. The latter part of the loresheet is wholly banned/useless in Seattle, it does not grant the advantages that it would grant in Chicago. The character will instead have Status 2 among Ventrue only.

Descendant of Montano

The Shadow of Yesterday: Allowed, but with ST’s supervision

Siblings in Darkness: Allowed

Abyssal Apprentice: Allowed

Word of Mouth: Allowed. Must be acquired through RP in the server as all other status.

Purity of Remorse: Allowed


Evasion Tactics: Allowed

Branch Office: Allowed, but with ST supervision

What Do They Know: Allowed

No Records Found: Allowed

Friend on the Inside: Allowed, but with ST supervision and approval

Kindred Iconography

Iconographer: Allowed

The Writing on the Wall: Allowed

Trendsetter: Allowed

Graffiti Artist: Allowed

Giorgio Who?: BANNED

Lupine Expert

Huntsman: Allowed
Tactician: Allowed
Soldier: Allowed
Trophy: Allowed
Ambassador: Allowed, but with ST supervision.

Revenant Family: Ducheski

 Taken at CC and restricted to older Neonates and Ancillae with supported background 

Nourishing Blood: Allowed
Personal Library: Allowed

Research Team: Allowed
Ritual Assistant: Allowed
Ducheski Invention: Allowed, but with ST supervision

The Society of St. Leopold

Postulant: Allowed
Novice: Allowed
Brother or Sister: Allowed, but with ST supervision and appropriate background
Father or Mother: Allowed, but with ST supervision and appropriate background
Inquisitor: Allowed, but with ST supervision if it’s the entire character’s concept locked to Ancilla


Recognise the Signs: Allowed

Secret Communications: BANNED

Tangled Strings: Allowed

Trained Killer: Allowed, but with ST supervision.

Personal Defender: BANNED

Chicago Folios

All the following Loresheets from the Folios are banned and/or irrelevant on server: 

  • Archons
  • The Convention of Chicago
  • Goblin Roads
  • Justicar Lucinde
  • Malkavian Family
  • The Pony Express
  • Sheriff Damien
  • The Wolf Pack

Descendant of Menele

Symposium: Allowed

Carthago Delenda Est: Allowed

Know Thyself: Allowed

Knowledge Is Power: Allowed for flavour as it primarily pertains to Chicago.

The Greater Mysteries: Allowed, but with Restrictions. Using this power for your weekly roleplay comes with the same restrictions as Premonition: you will need your roleplay partner’s consent to reveal anything relevant to your character and about your planned roleplay. Storytellers will not intervene to offer information (unless called in for foul play or metagaming). Campaigns are the only instances where this power may be used with Storyteller input.

Khalid Al-Rashid

Safe Haven: Allowed, but restricted to characters who previously resided in Chicago.

Deadly Stroke: As above.

Khalid’s Notebook: Allowed for flavour, as it pertains to Helena and Menele.

Wicked Garden: BANNED

Unbeholden: Allowed, but required ST intervention

Kindred Dueling

Honorable Combatant: Allowed

Fight Club: Allowed, but restricted. Characters may not use this loresheet to found a fight club. You may instead use our rules for player-run locations if you are inclined to open a similar location. Afterwards, you may put roleplay into the acquisition of this loresheet, with Storyteller approval.

Stake Fighter: Allowed

Fire Eater: Allowed

Trials of Death: Allowed

Occult Artifacts (Tremere/Banu Haqim only)

All allowed levels of this loresheet must be acquired through roleplay in-server and may not be taken at creation.

Rowan Ring: Allowed

Cloak of Abalone: Allowed

Powder of Rigidity: Allowed

Monocle of Clarity: Allowed

Tapestry of Blood: BANNED

Chicago : Let The Streets Run Red

All the following Loresheets from the Chicago : Let The Streets Run Red are banned and/or irrelevant on server: 

  • Mark Decker
  • The Milwaukee “Null Zone”
  • Modius

The Anubi

The Werewolves are statted as the book has them, until W5 is released and if it’s applicable to V5. This loresheet will open up more once it’s introduced via a campaign.

Argent Fury: Allowed

What Big Eyes You Have: Allowed

Brick House: Allowed

In the City, In the Woods: BANNED

Summon the Pack: BANNED


Not permitted as lover/slave due to status, must have a strong backstory as to how they met. These must be taken at Creation.

Muse: Allowed

Portrait of a Woman: Allowed

This is Sparta: Allowed, but with a strong background, locked to Ancilla. Player character cannot have been a close intimate of Eletria but merely someone who served with her and of whose name and abilities Eletria was aware.

Ageless Beauty: Allowed. Can be used once per story. Go to Ask the ST for difficulties. 

Conspicuous Consumption: BANNED

Kindred Social Media Influencer

Friends Everywhere: Allowed

Niche Following: Allowed

Internet Famous: Allowed, Confers a dot of fame and the herd is temporary only one per story (3 months)

Collabs and Sponsorships: Allowed

Superstar: Allowed


The character will need a Chicago Background in order to take this.

For the Cause: Allowed

Guns to a Knife Fight: BANNED

Rabble Rouser: BANNED

Coordination is Key: BANNED

Rust Never Sleeps: Allowed, but with ST intervention

Lost Secrets of the Milwaukee Chantry

Carna’s Primogen Files: BANNED

Abandoned Real Estate: BANNED

Victor’s Grimoire: Allowed, as a copy at CC with background or gotten through campaign

Objects of Desire: BANNED

Dr. Mortius’ Haven: BANNED


Tactician: Allowed

Travelling Companion: BANNED

Vanguard: BANNED

The Art of Disappearing: Allowed, but with ST intervention

The Once and Future Prince: BANNED

Cults of the Blood Gods

Bankers of Dunsirn

Money Obfuscates: Allowed

Money Talks: Allowed

Money Enhances: Allowed

Money Multiples: Allowed

Money Dictates: BANNED

Children of Tenochtitlan

Hiding from the Wolf: Allowed

Ghostly Instincts: Allowed

Forward Thinking: Allowed, unable to reroll hunger dice and only up to 3 dice

Necromantic Prodigy: Allowed

Next in Line: Allowed, but locked to older Neonates or Ancilla

Descendants of the Baron

CSI Shit: Allowed

Exquisite Corpse: Allowed

Hollow Inside: Allowed

My Setite Friend: Allowed

The Silk Hat: BANNED


Viscus: Allowed

Unseen Spirit: Allowed

The Perfect Murder: Allowed

Send a Murderer: Allowed

Monstrous Bite: Allowed

Harbingers of Ashur 

Harbingers can only take one mask.

The Ashen Mask: Allowed

The Gold Mask: Allowed

The White Mask: Allowed

The Obsidian Mask: BANNED 

The Lazarene Mask: BANNED

Las Famiglia Giovanni

A Cousin’s Ear: Allowed

Faded Glamor: Allowed

Petty Cash: Allowed

Spectre Servant: Allowed

Apisiring Anziani: Allowed, but restricted to older neonates or ancilla

The Criminal Puttanesca

Friends in Low Places: Allowed

Show Your Belly: Allowed

Show Your Fists: Allowed

Get the Squad Together: Allowed

The Don: Allowed

The Gorgons

The Serpent’s Kiss: Allowed

Protection: Allowed

Four Humors: Allowed

Controlling the Beast: Allowed

Medusa’s Gaze: Allowed

Calling the Family Reunion

The Kid’s Table: Allowed

Updating the Rolodex: Allowed

Hiding the Bodies: Allowed

Dealmaker: Allowed, but restricted to older Neonates or Ancilla

Spiritual Assault: BANNED

Child of Angel Michael

The Great and the Good: Allowed

Outer Beauty: Allowed

Hedonistic Pleasure: Allowed, take Fame or Clan Status

Michael’s Calling:  Allowed

Wiping Away the Stains:  BANNED

Servitor of Irad

Shield of Irad: Allowed

Sword of Irad: Allowed

Know the Will of the Ancients: BANNED

Do the Will of the Ancients: Allowed

Kill Thy Brother: Allowed

The Promise of 1528

Legal Scholar: Allowed

Scrap of Information: Allowed

Tick Tock: Allowed

Faulty Memory: Allowed

Signatory: BANNED

Children of the Blood

Little Siblings (Hecata bloodline, Rossellini)

Grave Attitude OK

Ghostly Dominance OK.

Necromantic Expertise OK, does stack with shroud but do not abuse this.

Stolen Will OK, with ST oversight.

Purge OK, with consent of other players.

Grudge Masters (Hecata bloodline, Milliners)

You Know Who I Am OK, but remember they would need to know who the Milliner’s are.

Family Bank OK, but 5 is banned so Resources 4. SPC is ST controlled.

Perfect Grudges BANNED


Friends in High Places BANNED

Ashfinders (Loresheet, Teebs only) BANNED

Amaranthan (Loresheet)

Judge OK, Do not meta.

Jury OK, but only against SPCs. Due to how PC mawla work on server, this can just be roleplayed out without the sheet.


Tense Respect BANNED, as by large these will be other PCs.

The Final Hunt BANNED

Cleopatras (Loresheet, Nos only)

Close Examination OK

Clothed in Power OK

Dream Appearance OK

Figure-in-Waiting BANNED

The Beauty Within OK

Meneleans (Loresheet)

Mortal Empathy OK – only one fail is rerolled

Peacemaker OK

Show of Defiance OK, but be aware we already tend to do that. So this sheet isn’t the most useful in play.

Becoming the Mask OK

Bond Breaker OK

The One True Way (Loresheet)

Trust Me OK, needs to true empathy and needs consent

Secret Keeper OK

Beast Communion OK

Calling the Wave OK

The Road from Hunedoara OK

Starfall Ranch (Loresheet, Malkavians only)

Herd Mindset OK, but once every other session.

Clarity of Mind BANNED

New Perspectives OK, cannot be PC. The SPC must be described to the ST in an ask and the ST will make the sheet.

Starr and Marta OK, Mawla is in American Northeast tho

But I Saw You Die BANNED

Fall of London

All loresheets currently banned