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Messy Critical

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Corebook p. 207

A Messy Critical is a win where one or more 10’s is in your Hunger dice pool. The character will succeed at their task, but like an animal or a monster would, as if the Beast had a hand in determining the win.

How to roleplay this?

You have a few options:

  • By breaching the Masquerade or by breaking a personal conviction and gaining a stain as they tear through their objective and leave evidence of the event.
  • Loss of one dot of an advantage, this can be done in many ways. It can result in a loss of status as you assault a clan that once revered you. It can also be done by burning connections with your contact by hurling insults at them or by totalling a vehicle and losing a dot of resources.
  • If there is no way to determine what a Messy Critical would look like, such as a Wits+Awareness test, the test simply fails as the beast clouds the character’s senses or makes a quiet solution unobtainable.
  • As per new rules, a Compulsion can be played out upon a Messy Critical. Ask the Storytellers about it.