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Discipline Adjustments/Notes

Aura of Decay: Aura of Decay’s rot will radiate out from around the user’s body; clothes and other small objects on the user’s body will not be affected.  A reminder that the damage inflicted by this power is slow and gradual, being applied over the course of an entire scene. It is not an immediate rot.

Where the Shroud Thins: For the server, certain locations will be set as a default Impenetrable or Absent status. All cemeteries, churches, other places of worship, and other places where the grounds have been consecrated are Impenetrable, until or unless actions are taken to change this status; in that latter case, consult with STs. Any location where the ceremony Split the Shroud has been used will have an Absent shroud. When using Where the Shroud Thins in any other location on server and the roll is successful, make a post in #ask-the-st regarding it and the STs will provide a Shroud thickness of Thick, Thin, or Frayed.

Binding Fetter: When using this ability in a scene, please make a post in the #ask-the-st channel detailing the complete situation at hand. This ability works best as part of a minor ‘story arc’ which will require Storyteller oversight at least at the beginning. Please come up with a plan detailing the situation and what you want to do with the character — who you envision the fetter being attached to, what the fetter is, etc — and STs will confirm if it plausible and/or help to flesh out the details. If you’d prefer to be ‘surprised’ without planning to this level, simply tell the STs where the character is looking and they will flesh it out for you.  As part of this process, if you wish to write a scene using a particular type from among those provided in Cults of the Blood Gods or the corebook, you may request that wraith type in your ask post. Otherwise, you will use the homebrewed stats provided below for an Average Wraith.

Summon Spirit / Compel Spirit: Once your character has access to a fetter, contact an ST in order to determine what type of spirit it is if you do not already know from the Binding Fetter ruling; or choose to use the Average Wraith stats. Once summoned, the wraith can be Compelled to obedience or Bound, etc, using the appropriate ceremonies; or social rolls may be employed instead. In using social rolls in this manner, wraiths work like any SPC. They can be persuaded, manipulated and lied to when you attempt to make them work for your character. Be reminded that using Compel Spirit after a successful summoning is the stick, where persuading is the carrot; Compel means the character is essentially forcing and intimidating the wraith to work for them.

Wraiths can be developed to Contacts and Allies through RP and carefully cultivating the relationship. Using Compel Spirit will not work towards building a friendly relationship with them.

If the character summons the same wraith again, the type remains the same, so mark down the spirits your character intends to interact with regularly. Every time they summon the wraith, unless it’s on a task they have previously appointed (and/or there are successes left from your Compel ritual), they will need to persuade it again to work for them.

Shadow Step

-Using a scope to spot shadows far away is possible, but it is up to the ST discretion if they can see anything big enough; angles can and will factor into this.
-When taking a ghoul, if the character stains on the rouse the ghoul will take 1 superficial WP. Ghouls take 1 agg from vampiric blood protecting them in the Abyss, but regular mortals will die. Remember that the traveling partner must be willing, else it will require a successful grapple contest by the person using Shadow Step. Arms of Ahriman will break when using Shadow Step, so this cannot be used for grappling and taking someone over simultaneously in the same turn. Characters can only take one person with them through the shadow.
-If the character is attacked during the combat turn in which they are using Shadow Step, they can either dodge or take the hit. Doing either will not change the outcome of Shadow Step, unless it is a called shot or a grapple. If the character has already positioned themselves fully within the shadow in the turn prior to the grapple or called shot, they will disappear.

Average Wraith Stats

Attributes: Wits 4, Strength 3, Stamina 3, Dexterity 2, Composure 2, Intelligence 2, Resolve 2, Charisma 1, Manipulation 1
Secondary Attributes: Health 5, Willpower 4
Skills: Stealth 3, Occult 3, Awareness 3, Academics 2, Insight 2, Intimidation 2, Brawl 1, Investigation 1, Persuasion 1, Subterfuge 1, Medicine
Disciplines: Auspex 3, Obfuscate 2, Dominate 2

Unlike some more ‘gifted’ variants of wraith, Average Wraiths have no ‘special’ abilities beyond those common to all their kind. An Average Wraith cannot possess humans other than through use of the appropriate Ceremony, nor utilize telekinesis. As with spectres, they can manifest physically in order to affect their surroundings; this is also the only time they can be struck by attackers. Average Wraiths are often employed by necromancers for the purposes of surveillance, intelligence-gathering, and research assistance. When manifesting physically, they can attack or contribute to teamworked physical/brawl rolls.

Ceremony Learning

Learning Oblivion Ceremonies during play requires time spent in research and practice, as follows:

Level 1: 2 IRL days
Level 2: 2 IRL weeks
Level 3: 3 IRL weeks
Level 4: 1 IRL month
Level 5: 1.5 IRL months

The training process will require at least one direct teaching session with a mawla or other individual who already knows the Ceremony in question, after which session notes will be sufficient for training rolls.

What To Roll
The roll for learning the Ceremonies is: Resolve + Occult
Difficulty for Learning Ceremonies is: Ceremony Level + 1

Oblivion Resonance

  • Blood bags teach up to level 3, after that they need a living person. They can either get lucky on a roll (Check out how to get resonance for what this means), or contact the ST for a scene and you will be given rolls to obtain it.
  • When consumed directly from a living person, fresh from the vein, Oblivion ‘resonance’ counts as Intense for the purposes of temperament and allows a +1 die on relevant rolls. However, a PC cannot have Oblivion as one of their chosen herd resonances.