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Player Owned Locations

You need at least a month of active play before you can submit a location. You can of course, roleplay in these locations in public channels no issue.

If your character runs or owns a bar, a club, a hotel, a shop, or any other publicly-accessible location, you are able to have your own dedicated channel, so that other roleplayers can find them and your character more easily. These locations need to be supported by dots such as haven for size, watchmen for bouncers, etc etc. If humans and/or hunting are allowed in your venue, it will come with the additional responsibility and risk of Masquerade Breaches. Advantages such as chasse, lien, and portillon related to domain mechanics are not available for the purpose of these locations.

To apply a location, please create a ticket using:

-ticket open (charactername) (location)

In the ticket, use the following form:

**Location Name**:



**Known Faction Alignment**: 

**Specific Header(s)?**: 



**Known to be Kindred-owned by other Kindred**: 

**Mortals inside?**: 


Please provide us with one, maximum two good quality pictures for your location’s interiors.

If you want to have your location added to the Seattle by Night map, we need an address or google view link. This also goes in case you want your haven added to it (havens will not be pinned locations but can be added to the map. You may open a ticket for your haven to be added.) The SbN map is on the website, under here.