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Corebook pp. 157-159

Willpower measures the character’s confidence, mental stability, and competence in overcoming bad odds. The Willpower tracker has both a maximum rating and a temporary pool of points, like the Health tracker. Willpower can be improved during the chronicle by increasing either Composure or Resolve.

When spending Willpower, mark it as Superficial damage on the tracker. If your character has no more Willpower points left (through either Superficial or Aggravated damage, or a combination of them), they are Impaired and receive a -2 dice penalty to Social and Mental tests, reducing their pools to a minimum of 1 die.

Willpower can be spent for the following purposes:

  • Re-rolling up to 3 regular dice (not Hunger dice) in any dice pool, except when rolling tracker pools or engaging in a One-Roll Conflict etc.
  • To take control of your character for one turn during frenzy or when under supernatural coercion like Dominate or Presence.
  • To perform little movements (opening eyes, for example) when staked through the heart.
  • To ignore Health damage penalties and Impairment for one turn.

Willpower can be recovered in the following ways:

  • At the beginning of a session (or at reset on the server) you can remove Superficial Willpower damage equal to your Composure or Resolve, whichever is higher.
  • At the end of a session (or at reset on the server), if the character has actively worked towards or completed an Ambition, they recover one point of Aggravated Willpower damage.