*Any and all canon characters to BL2 belong to Paradox Interactive including their pictures, while we use their likeness and what we have determined them to be like based on videos and other pieces of information. We have taken creative freedom to form a fully idealized character. How we portray them may be inaccurate to the games.

The Camarilla

Alec Cross

The Ventrue Prince of Seattle and the leader of the Camarilla faction. He gained his position as Prince, displacing Lou Grand, sometime around the millennium. A tech mogul with ever expanding influence, he has turned the city into what it is now. His leadership is no joke and his power is unquestionable. Attempting to act like Nines Rodriguez did during court will not be taken likely by Prince Alec Cross. He is no Sebastian LaCroix.


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Keeper of Elysium

A wispy haired lady stands at the entrance of the Elysia, her eyes scan you piercing into your soul and deep into your spine. You’ll feel her dark stare every time you enter, looking for something, anything.

Camarilla’s Secretary

The Secretary to Cross. iI’s rumored she is the one actually writing the letters. 


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Tremere Primogen

By force or not, Mercurio serves Cross as his personal informant and master of blood sorcery. If connected right, you can get tutoring from him, all you have to do is ask and pay the price. He’s known for his confidence and less than kind approach to those who are unable to prove themselves to him. Befriending him is the best option you can take.


Banu Haqim Primogen

A scholarly and quiet man, Rook projects an aura of grounded calm, giving the impression he is gentle, which is true,  and harmless, which is not. His feet are firmly fixed upon his current course; and his loyalty to the Camarilla is firm. He will brook no threat to it, believing that the Tower is the best way to keep kindred safe in modern nights.


Veronica Keystone

Ventrue Primogen

A broker of information and highly sought after collectibles.

Amanda Taylor

Toreador Primogen

A Camarilla loyalist and enthusiast, she works for Prince Cross as a Harpy, and takes on any roles that require a delicate social touch. She prides herself on being unusually pleasant for a Kindred, although lies and disrespect will wear that veneer down, first to a hard, then a sour demeanour. She remembers when people aggravate her in such a way, and will respond with social slights and ruining of reputations rather than any physical endangerment.

Emery Remington


Malkavian Primogen

A newly appointed Primogen who was tasked with replacing both Collin, the Primogen who despised the Cobweb and the executed Stephen who was working with the Second Inquisition. While they may appear young and unskilled, their mental tricks know no bounds.


Nosferatu Primogen

The word which best describes Queenie is “moxie.” Her sharp Chicago accent and brassy manner, not to mention her ‘night job’ as a burlesque dancer at the Withering Rose, mean she has as many admirers (even some among the Toreador have been known to write her love poetry) as she has those who underestimate her savvy and hustle. And that’s exactly how she likes it. A staunch supporter of her clan’s interests, she came to her position when Cross ousted Lou Grand; and she remains unswervingly loyal to the Boss. He’s earned it, and then some.

Juliette van Cortlandt

Brujah Primogen

Dalia Way

Lasombra Primogen

Ade Achebe

Gangrel Primogen

The Pioneers

Lou Grand

The once long-reigning Prince of Seattle is now retired and beneath Alec Cross. Lamenting for the days gone by, Lou leads the Pioneers and works to build the city to how it once was.


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Jolene Smith

Maintains her humanity by helping those who’ve passed on find new beginnings. Souls bound to objects are safely kept until they find an appropriate mortal to connect with. She has no interest in using the mortal souls for her own purposes. Helping others complete their life cycle is her life’s purpose.

Beef steak

Not too much is known about him, but he serves as bodyguard for Lou Grand during events. Don’t mess with the Pioneers unless you want to deal with him.


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Zach”Thackery” Macready

Maintains his humanity by helping those who’ve passed on find new beginnings. Souls bound to objects are safely kept until they find an appropriate mortal to connect with. He has no interest in using the mortal souls for his own purposes. Helping others complete their life cycle is his life’s purpose.

The Baron

Baron of Aurora

The Mysterious leader of the Baron Faction, with Mr. Damp at their side no one has seen their face. It’s rumored they are hated by everyone, but when someone needs something done quickly and quietly, they go see the Baron.


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Revealed to be a member of the Baron faction, she is the lieutenant of the Baron.


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Mr. Damp

A kindred working for the Baron, he is very sociopathic with an enthusiastic appreciation of death and violence. Even with this, he is structured, using a “list” to track those who he will harm.


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A businesswoman who considers the “urban jungle” and the business world her hunting territory. A boardroom Gangrel. Sharklike practices, but not a thief or someone who abuses her wealth and position to punch down. Anarch sympathies. Had her company, Panorama (in Ballard) burnt down by SI via Kesler, is rebuilding. Deals in urban green spaces and urban planning a lot, her money sustains Baron operations. 

The Newcomers

Victor Goga

Known as the “Professor” he leads the Newcomers faction. Described as being charismatic and a visionary, taking control of the University District.


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A magical vampiric tinkerer who typically exchanges Tremere goods for blood or other magical artifacts, he also has a large collection of modern collectibles. Quint runs his own hobby shop.

Elif Parmak

A Tremere representative of the Newcomers and right hand of Victor Goga.


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Dion Morris

Former punk rock occultist turned Tremere. Looks aside, he is very intelligent, sly, and vindictive. Will do whatever necessary to curry favor for the Tremere under Cross’ reign. He knows the importance of keeping the clan useful to the Camarilla, and even more so the importance of the Newcomers staying in the city’s good graces.

Hadriana Moon

The vintner owner of Luna Winery provides bloodwine and other blood alcohols to kindred lucky enough to meet her and be in her good graces. She stocks parties and events and may even be willing to share the Ritual necessary to create her prized vintages.








The Unseen

The Counsel of Three “The Speakers”

The leaders of the Unseen faction, guiding and helping their people survive among the homeless and loners of Seattle.


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The owner of the Withering Rose now that the establishment relocated to the underground. He wears outrageously colored suits and sometimes presents the stage performers. An upbeat personality, but that shouldn’t trick kindred into thinking they know his moods.

Samuel “The Questgiver”

A Nosferatu representative for the Unseen who lives and resides within the Seattle Underground. A tech manager during the 80s, who offers information to others… at a price.


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The Anarchs


Players from BL1 will remember this iconic character, why she’s in Seattle is still a mystery. But we know she’s back to call us “Cammy scum.”


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Tiffany “Tiff” Bourne

She is a tough girl™ who just wants to keep the Cam’s boot off her neck and other licks out of her business, and make a little money. She finds the Anarchs are the best people to align with, though she has some pull with the Baron. She does jobs with Lorenzo typically, handling more hands-on on street oriented work. 

Lorenzo Santiago

Wants to change the hearts and minds of kindred to see the corruption of Cam. Is the personable talker also a tricky, cunning little lick. Willing to lie and deceive for Anarch Goals. Has been a tag team with Tiff for decades, he is the “face” of the two.



The Autarkis/Unknown Kindred

Matilda Meadows

A recluse who lives with her ghouls in Lynnwood. Comes to town on occasion to deal in exotic or mysterious items she has collected. A book of interest from her Tremere lover was stolen by the Anarchs. She is unsure which faction stole it, but knows who stole it.



An elder of Clan Hecata who will only introduce himself as a Cappadocian, Andrea lives around Comet Lodge Cemetery and, though he keeps himself separate from politics, he doesn’t fail to actually keep tabs on what’s up. He is willing to teach Ceremonies but doesn’t otherwise interact with the family much.

Dale Talley

A blood bag user who brokers information.


This is a canon character.*



The Second Inquisition


The current leader of the Second Inquisition, she’s out for kindred blood and she won’t stop till she eradicates them all.


One of twin brothers, a known gymrat and functioning bodyguard.


The right hand of Mary, a ruthless and cold man with a slew of men to aid his and Mother Mary’s goals.


The other twin brother, also a known gymrat and bodyguard.


Insurance Telemarketer with plenty of tricks up his sleeves.


The local cable company can’t afford to lose her, her skills at communication searching are top tier.


An undercover drug dealer working for the police force in Seattle, but he’s undercover with more than one thing.


Another mole in the system, a detective working under the guise of a blood bag dealer. Looking to strike at the next weakest target.


He’s the old man who lives down the street and yells at kids to get off his lawn, but he also owns and runs a local junkyard with his dogs.


A sweet old woman, doing her best as the world flies by her with her pawnshop.


A manipulative young woman doing whatever it takes to climb the corporate ladder.


We all know someone like Aaron, the young barista kid who spends far too much time hopping bar from bar rather than on himself.


A currently unemployed informant with a crippling addiction.


This small time artist is trying to make herself a name in the art world, but just can’t catch a break with her anatomy inspired candles.