Time of the Thin-blood

Teddie. A mysterious figure, and a thin-blood radical. Initiated vandalism to an iconic Seattle location, and at the time, the Camarilla’s current Elysium, marked her entrance into the history of Seattle. Teddie and her thin-blood compatriots spray painted the Chihuly Garden and rained flyers down around the city — flyers bearing the Thinblood symbol and the words “Fuck Fullbloods.” This blatant breach of the Masquerade rocked the careful society of kindred; the Camarilla declared all Thinbloods to be held Suspect within Seattle’s domain. 

A group of Damned kindred investigated Teddie and her crew, risking many dangers along the way. Eventually the thin-blood radicals were tracked down, some of them captured and blood bonded, and, eventually, tracking down and beheading the mastermind herself months after the initial events. Her death came at a price. Many died during this campaign; and more are very likely to die for, as it turns out, Teddie was working with a mortal woman known as Mary… and Mary is a member of the loosely connected but extremely dangerous Second Inquisition. 

Teddie did have her reasons; the Fullblood Alfred Kesler had been capturing and killing Thinbloods for sport. Three player characters were taken by him and maimed; and he intended to capture more. Over and above this, he killed a number of NPCs. Kesler, formerly a member of the Camarilla Court who was even backed by Prince Cross for a small amount of time before his crimes were found out, was Shunned officially. He fled the city, thanks to a warning of his status by a player ally. No one knows where Kesler has gone off to, but there’s no security that he won’t come back.


As The Blood Flows

Prologue : In Over Their Heads. After a period of peace and calm in the domain of Seattle, a mysterious attack took place in the middle of the night on armored trucks. While mortals thought little of it other than a bank robbery attempt, kindred knew better. These trucks had been carrying the blood supply for the local kindred establishments, causing a rupture in the supply. Those that depended on the blood and those who wanted to make a name for themselves set themselves to work, investigating and scouring the area for clues and information on who perpetrated the attacks. Two groups were found out to be involved. 

The Nameless; a group of low life thugs trying to get a foothold in the underground crime of the city and The Emerald Sisterhood; a group of women bikers who did what they could for their community with charities and fundraisers. With reasons of their own and a primary desire or need for money, these mortal groups took on the task to help disrupt the Circulatory System. In the wake of the kindred investigators interrogating these members, plenty had died and with careless actions came the cost of the Sisterhood’s hideout. Blown up by the Anarchs in order to cover the massive breaches that had happened there, at least it had net them some neutral territory and blood to be sold within the Hole in the Wall again.

Kindred continued their investigations with the trails eventually leading them to the masterminds behind the attacks. A Salubri known as Ali Barrington Leslie-Jones who was the person who pulled it all together and bankrolled it with their veterinary clinic. Taylor Cunningham, a Minister, who helped the victims of the systems get away and moved them into their care. A Lasombra known as Franklin “Frankie” Torres, who knew the truck routes as a former driver of the system and worked within the Saint James Parish as a priest briefly. And lastly, Iggy, the Nosferatu who ran the chopshop that disposed of the trucks and all remaining evidence. With the groups of investigators spreading out, two of the four culprits were captured. Iggy and Ali met their death during a court called for their execution. The remaining two were called for a bloodhunt, and while there were small whispers that perhaps someone had helped Taylor during the escape, they were still captured. However, Franklin was tipped off and had fled the city for now.

Sabbat Invasion

With the Sabbat broken, the city had stayed calm; Anarch uprisings were always a slight possibility, but Prince Cross kept them in line with the Thorns. That was until a pack arrived, causing chaos. wonton murder and violence without end. Together teams of Kindred worked together to track them down, locating their splintered groups until the ultimate showdown within the walls of Elysium. Each member of the Sabbat was destroyed that night, leaving nothing left to trouble the city. Or so Seattle Kindred think.\

The Political Betrayal

Members of the Baron and Anarchs were brought together to investigate strange disappearances within the ranks of the Baron’s faction. Unable to involve themselves directly, these lower-ranking Kindred worked for the representatives of the Anarchs and Baron to prevent a turf war or put these reps in danger. Taking on this danger themselves, they were led on a chase, ultimately discovering that the Baron had been drinking and destroying their own members. This was brought to light for the Baron faction and with the broken remains, the faction ultimately decided to join up with the Anarchs.

At the same time, the Unseen informed the Prince of this and created an alliance with the tower. However, at that same Court, Goga denounced the Newcomer’s affiliation with the tower and reformed as the Illuminare.