Reminder: All the information here is shared for transparency; however, it does not mean that characters know these things. It’s plausible for a character to know that the Primogens changed or who was Prince before, but interpersonal relationships and things of that nature are not public knowledge. If you’re in doubt or uncertain, please ask first before using it in-play or with submissions.


1851 – The first non-native settlers arrive in the area and begin establishing farms and homesteads.

1853 – Entrepreneur Henry Yesler establishes a sawmill to serve the nascent logging industry of the region; he is the major economic support for the beginnings of the city, and is widely considered one of the founders of Seattle.

1870s – Railroad moves in, and with it comes the first non-native Kindred, following the kine into these lands and beginning to establish their own pioneering domain.

1882 – Jacob Furth arrives in Seattle and establishes the Puget Sound National Bank. He eventually became one of the foremost banking factors in the region.

1889 – The Great Seattle Fire sweeps the city, destroying the central business district; buildings are rebuilt on top of the ruined ones. A small group of local Nosferatu see an opportunity; they begin shaping the ruined and burnt undercity into their territory, influencing the development of tunnel networks, and in effect creating the Underground as it is known in modern nights.

1892 – Henry Yesler is Embraced for his wealth and influence; as far as the mortal world is concerned, the man is dead. 

Early 1900s – The habits which have mostly kept the Nosferatu in the Underground slowly become a custom, leaning toward a rule. They have their own territory, the prevailing sentiment goes, why do they need to come aboveground at all?

1900 – Despite his youth in Kindred terms, Yesler becomes Seattle’s unofficial Prince; there are few Kindred locally and none more powerful in terms of mortal influence; but Seattle itself is not yet considered a recognized domain by the Camarilla’s Inner Circle.

1902 – Jacob Furth is Embraced. At first he hides his Kindred condition via various stratagems, not faking his death until 1914.

1903 – Lou Graham, an influential former prostitute and current brothel madam known as the “Queen of the Lava Beds,” is Embraced by Jacob Furth, with whom she had a little-known business relationship while both were mortal. She changes her name to Lou Grand.

1910 – Jacob Furth becomes Seneschal, as the domain is slowly becoming more powerful and established. Charity, until this point serving as Jacob Furth’s secretary, assumes the title of Keeper of Elysium.

1918 – The domain’s power expands far enough to encompass Tacoma, taking the area over with the creation of the Port of Tacoma. A Primogen Council is established, representing all powerful local clans – except the Nosferatu – and they are officially recognized as a domain by the Inner Circle. The custom preventing Nosferatu from leaving the Underground is codified into official domain law; they are still allowed into Elysium, but only for official events.

1944 to 1952 – The Second Anarch Revolt is ignited in California but spreads northward into the domain of Seattle; in the ensuing upheaval, the Tacoma territory is lost and Prince Yesler is killed along with several Primogen. The Court is left shattered and leaderless. The Anarch movement finally becomes fully established within the domain, with the Convention of Thorns in play.

1953 – Jacob Furth attempts to take praxis, but remaining members of the Court hold reservations about his abilities. A series of temporary Princes is sent by the Camarilla to hold the area; each dies or vanishes under mysterious circumstances. Unknown to all, a small cabal of Nosferatu has reached out to Lou Grand, making a deal with her to help put her on the Prince’s seat instead of Furth in exchange for using her new praxis to remove the laws restricting Nosferatu.

1962 – The Futuristic Century 21 Exposition is held, and Lou becomes Prince. She immediately betrays the Nosferatu, refusing to lift the prohibitions; furious, they retreat to their Underground lairs and begin consolidating power, eventually formalizing into the Unseen faction with themselves as its Council of Three.

1963 – Jacob Furth disappears. A figure known as the Baron of Aurora comes to power and a faction of Anarchs more focused on making money splinters off to follow them; the split between those who follow the Baron and those who would prefer to attack the Camarilla weakens the latter enough to prevent the attack from occurring. The Baron’s faction grows with time, attracting the criminal element in Kindred society, while the Anarchs remain disorganized and without formal leadership.

1980 to 1983 – The Mt. Saint Helens eruption pushes the nearby Garou nation out of its lands and into Seattle’s domain. Lou Grand places the blame for this disaster upon the domain’s society of Blood Sorcerers, led by Professor Goga, who had been experimenting with furcae locally. It is unknown and unclear whether or not Goga’s researchers actually caused this, or if they just made a convenient scapegoat. Conflicts with the encroaching Garou cause great losses in Seattle’s Kindred society, and the domain shrinks to encompass only Seattle. The Tremere, and a few Banu Haqim, are exiled from the city.

1984 – In the aftermath of the Garou war, many of the surviving Kindred begin to question Lou’s competency as a Prince. The Primogen Council is also missing several members by this point, and the domain is faltering. The dead or missing Primogen are not replaced and many local Kindred begin drifting out of Seattle to join other, more stable domains, further reducing the population.

1992 – Alec Cross arrives in the city from the East Coast, bringing with him startup tech companies and his own following, swelling the Kindred population and putting money back into the economy and influence back into kine affairs. Prince Grand takes a liking to him, claiming to be reminded of her own early years in Seattle’s golden age, and helps him to establish himself; in reality, she is eager to use him to reestablish her own power and control, which have never recovered after the Garou war.

1994 – Given his popularity and political savvy, Alec Cross rises to take the vacant position of Ventrue Primogen – without needing Lou’s help to do so. He begins gathering power and alliances, using his connections to reach out to Mercurio, the former Tremere Primogen, who had defied Lou Grand’s order of exile to remain hidden within the city.

1995 – A popular Nosferatu organizer named Queenie presses the Council to reach out to Alec Cross to make an alliance; but they had been burned by Prince Grand’s betrayal and refuse. She does so instead, and, with some of her followers, begins working with him in secret.

1996 – Prince Grand gets wind that there are Nosferatu gathering dirt on her, and doubles down on her prohibitions of them; she now attempts to ban them from the domain entirely. But the Underground is too safe and well-fortified; ultimately, all efforts to root out the Nosferatu fail.

2000 – Alec Cross consolidates his power, having made alliances not only with the Nosferatu and Tremere but also other disaffected Kindred in the city, including the Keeper; with their support and through his own manipulations, he is able to overturn Lou Grand’s rule, becoming Prince by the end of the year. Leaders among those who assisted Prince Cross become new Primogen Council members to fill some still vacant positions, and a new Sheriff is appointed from among the Nosferatu. Charity, happy in her position as Keeper of Elysium, remains in that title; her role in the overthrow of Lou Grand causes a schism between the two which mirrors that of the Camarilla more widely. The majority of Camarilla members pledge loyalty to the new Prince; but a core group of Lou Grand’s oldest followers remain with her, including the former Toreador Primogen, becoming the Pioneer faction of the Camarilla. It is unknown why Lou Grand was not killed nor exiled, but many speculate.

2001 – Professor Goga, a friend and former coterie mate who had provided first intelligence about Seattle and then long distance support for Prince Cross’s rise, returns to the city when invited by the Prince. He declines any position in the Camarilla Court in favor of establishing a Camarilla-aligned faction dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge at any cost; he gives this group the ironic name of the Newcomers.

2008 – When the Prime Chantry is destroyed and the aftereffects ripple through the clan, the local Tremere find their already somewhat atypical structure fracturing further; the Newcomers become even more insular, and Primogen Mercurio turns further toward his Camarilla alignment, clinging to the structure it offers.

2010 – The Amici Noctis having made their deal with the Camarilla, Seattle follows the pattern set by other domains and begins to allow Lasombra within the Camarilla; a Primogen is appointed to be their voice, with Dalia Way taking on that title after properly paying her dues as required by the deal.

2012 –  The Third Anarch Revolt kicks off after the Convention of Prague; Camarilla cities across the world find themselves faced with a new wave of Anarchs. Younger Tzimisce defect from the Sabbat in droves, many joining the Anarchs. In Seattle, Prince Cross initiates the position of “clan representative,” naming local members of non-Camarilla clans as the official mouthpiece of their clan to the Camarilla; working with Lorenzo and Tiff, the de facto Anarch emissaries at the time, he re-asserts the legitimacy of the Convention of Thorns in Seattle. 

Juliette Van Cortland remains Primogen of the Brujah despite the exodus of many of her clan from the Tower; the Gangrel Primogen does not, instead leaving the Camarilla with her clan. Loyalist Ade Achebe is promoted into the position. Worldwide, the Banu Haqim take some advantage of the disruption to approach the Camarilla for membership as the Lasombra had before them. A local Banu Haqim named Rook, known as a competent fixer and respected operative, is chosen for the Primogen role; his partner Vane becomes a Harpy of the Court, as does Nasser, a fellow Haqimite.

2019 – Our campaign begins.

2019 to 2020 – The Time of the Thin-bloods dawns in Seattle. A thin-blood radical named Teddie appears on the radar of Seattle’s kindred; she and her accomplices throw masquerade breaching fliers from the Space Needle and graffiti Chihuly Garden with the phrase “Fuck Fullbloods” and the thin-blood symbol. In retaliation, all thin-bloods in Seattle are declared suspect with the Camarilla. Teams of Kindred are brought together to investigate and track down the conspirators, eventually bringing Teddie to justice. She is destroyed; however, many Kindred have also lost their lives as a result of her machinations, because Teddie had been selling Kindred intel to a dangerous Second Inquisition agent named Mary. It is discovered that Teddie’s actions were motivated by revenge; attempting to bring down a Kindred named Alfred Kesler, who had been hunting and killing thin-bloods for sport, she escalated her attacks to take aim at those who had ignored her pleas for help. Kesler, once a prominent member of the Tower, was declared shunned and fled the city in advance of a bloodhunt, having been tipped off by an ally.

2021 – The arm of the Circulatory System working to provide blood to Seattle’s domain locations is disrupted when their supply trucks are attacked; in the wake of these attacks, the blood at Kindred locations runs dry. Those who rely upon that blood and those who desire to make a name for themselves team up to investigate the source of these attacks. They discover two primary groups of mortals, contracted by an unknown individual to attack the trucks: the Nameless, a gang attempting to gain a foothold in the criminal underground; and the Emerald Sisterhood, a charitable association of women bikers. After a masquerade breach caused by their own members, the Anarchs clean up by firebombing the bikers’ bar; in recognition, they are allotted a chunk of neutral territory and Circulatory System connections to supply their faction headquarters.

Investigations continue, eventually leading to the masterminds behind the attacks: a Salubri known as Ali Barrington Leslie-Jones was the planner and funding; Taylor Cunningham, a Minister, who moved rescued mortals out of the city; a Lasombra known as Franklin “Frankie” Torres, a former System driver who provided intel on the truck routes; and Iggy, a Nosferatu whose chop shop disposed of the trucks and evidence. Two of the four are captured; Iggy and Ali are executed by the Camarilla and the remaining two are bloodhunted. Franklin escapes; but Taylor is later caught and destroyed.

After the disappearance of Malkavian Primogen Collin Hastings, Prince Cross summons a team of Malkavians to find him. During their investigation, they discover that the Primogen has been murdered in his haven after the SI were tipped off; but they fail to discover who gave the hunters that tip, or why. Stephen Hobs becomes the new Malkavian Primogen but is later executed when overlooked evidence comes to light proving he was Collin’s killer. Emery Remington becomes the new Primogen of the Malkavian.

Primogen Rook, who has been splitting his time to also serve as the contact for Seattle’s thin-bloods, transitions this position to Vane.

2022 – The Sabbat having all but shattered in the Gehenna Crusade, Seattle has not been subject to their depredations in some time; Anarch uprisings are always a possibility, but Prince Cross’s policies have so far kept the peace. Into this relative calm, a remaining Sabbat pack arrives in Seattle, working to cause chaos, bringing wanton violence in the name of destabilizing the domain. Pan-faction teams of Kindred work to track them down, locating and neutralizing each splinter of the pack one by one; in the course of one of these attacks, 82 mortals are massacred by a Sabbat DJ’s on-air mind control command before the team can prevent it. The final showdown between the forces of the Camarilla and those of the Sabbat occurs within the walls of Elysium, with every Primogen and the Prince himself entering the fray alongside their followers. Every remaining member of the Sabbat is destroyed that night, with nothing left to trouble the city… or so Seattle Kindred believe.

The Ventrue Primogen Veronica Keystone steps down following a Sabbat attack on her haven. Enrique Guerrero steps up to take her place.

2023 – At the request of notable Baron lieutenants and Anarch emissaries, members of both factions join ranks to pursue a series of unexplained disappearances within the ranks of the Baron faction’s leadership.  These lower-ranking Kindred are tapped for the job because the representatives of the Anarchs and Baron cannot involve themselves directly; doing so could kick off a turf war or put the reps themselves in danger from whatever unknown adversary has been eliminating the missing Kindred. The joint team’s investigation leads them to a ruined mall within the unclaimed territory of Ballard, where they find some of the missing Kindred dead and others staked or devolved to wights. It is discovered that the Baron of Aurora themselves was responsible for the missing Kindred, using them as a blood supply to sate their hunger. When this shocking information is brought to light, the Baron is taken into custody and the remaining lieutenants, in conjunction with Anarch leadership, choose to merge the two factions back into one for the first time since the 1960s, using their new strength to claim Ballard as their own.  

The Unseen having uncovered information about this merger, they bring their intel to the Prince and enter into formal alliance with the Camarilla. Court is called to announce all of these changes to the whole domain; but at that same Court, Professor Goga shocks everyone by renouncing the Newcomers’ affiliation with the Tower, rebranding themselves as the fully autarkis Illuminare faction – and betraying his old friend and ally, Prince Alec Cross, in the process.