Important Information

  •  If a Kindred dies (or in the case of the server, leaves and/or falls inactive) the debt is transferred to the holder’s sire or eldest childe in most domains; to the Prince or the Harpies in others.
  • The same is true for being unwilling to repay a boon when the payment is due (not repaying boons is worthy of a dark secret). The Harpies of the Court keep a close eye on all boons and will hear if shady things are going on, kindred will soon find themselves shunned from the court for such honorless behavior.
  • Defalcating on a boon, or claiming to still hold a boon after its repayment, destroys a Kindred’s reputation.

Boons and What They Are

A boon is a promise made to another kindred, they come from generally two sources. As a form of credit, used to gain something and also shows that the one who owes the boon is trustworthy. However, they also come from a kindred owing a type of debt to another. Regardless of that, boons must be repaid, there is no way to get out of them other than paying them off or having the boon holder wipe it away. 

Below are examples of a boon’s worth. However, boons are always on a case by case basis in value. A boon which is a minor boon from a neonate may be a major boon from a fledgling. The classification of boons depends on fulfillment ability, which can hinge on power/circumstance of the granter or the difficulty for the granter. It can also be classified based on desperation as well, upping the ante for something they need immediately, also known as sweetening the deal. If an example is needed, a major boon for a neonate would be a trivial boon for Prince Cross.

Trivial Boons

There is no risk or cost to the granter, these might nor even by tracked within a coterie. 

  • Help find blood
  • Get an invitation
  • Show around town
  • Giving a ride
  • Passing a number along (no social risk)

Minor Boons

There is effort to this boon, going out of one’s way. They have some risk to them. 

  • Vote in favor of another (if little social harm)
  • Kill an unimportant human
  • Providing refuge to someone in dire need
  • Access to ancient lore
  • Help hide a body
  • Steal a car
  • Cup of Vitae

Major Boons

Not given lightly as the risk and expense can be so great. 

  • Money given to *
  • Yielding good hunting grounds
  • Revealing a major secret
  • Vote in favor of another (Major harm to reputation)
  • Cup of vitae with rare discipline
  • Teach a level of blood sorcery/ceremonies/rituals

Life Boons

Very rare and usually only given when Final Death or death of a touchstone is on the horizon. 

  • Desperate attempt to save own unlife
  • Desperate attempt to save touchstone’s life
  • Keep a deadly secret

* The boon level for being given money can range from trivial to major, depending on who the giver is. After all a small loan of 2 resources worth of money  might be nothing for a kindred who has 4 resources, but means that the other has a roof over their head.