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Frenzy Tests

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Corebook pp. 219-220

A frenzy is not caused by mundane triggers. Witnessing someone breaking your convictions doesn’t cause frenzy, nor does plain rudeness or other such things. A frenzy is caused by goading or starving or scaring the Beast, specifically. Social situations that may cause a fury frenzy include physical harassment, being insulted by inferiors, or public humiliation.

Only physical Disciplines can be used during Frenzy, but the vampire receives a bonus of +3 dice to resist mental Disciplines. You may spend 1 WP to take control of the character for one turn in one frenzy scene.

Resisting a Frenzy: Undamaged/unspent Willpower + ⅓ of Humanity rounded down vs. the Difficulties listed at p. 220. You do not add Hunger to this roll, nor can you reroll dice.

Riding the Wave: the character may choose not to resist the Frenzy. Roleplay it out to your heart’s desire until fulfilled.

On server: if you fail a Frenzy check, contact the Storytellers in case of doubt about how to roleplay the Frenzy.