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Ghouls and Humans

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Creation Rules

  • Ghouled humans start at humanity 8, not 7. Once they hit humanity 0, the ST will take over the character till the end of their lifespan.
  • They do not have Predator Types.
  • Ghouls that are PCs will not need to be taken as merits on the domitor’s sheets;
  • SPC retainers will be built using the statblocks for Weak Mortal (1 dot retainer), Average Mortal (2 dot Retainer), and Gifted Mortal (3 dot retainer) as delineated in the corebook on page 185. Gifted Mortal SPC retainers must take at least 2 dots of flaws; these flaws do count toward the total of 10 advantages overall. (Aka, if 2 dots of flaws are taken, the SPC can take 8 merits.) SPC ghouls must still be given convictions and will have a humanity rating.
  • PC ghouls and mortals will follow the creation guide distribution as written in the Companion Guide, but they can still be the ghoul of a PC. Regardless of their age, PC Ghouls do not get any experience points to spend at character creation, being otherwise built similarly to fledglings.

We will not be using the Humanity Mechanics for Mortals from the Companion due the unintended ableism and poor reference towards Mental Health issues; and for comfort of our users we instead will be using what we have placed below :

Non-ghoul mortals do not have a Humanity rating. They are human by default, already fully in touch with their nature. This does not mean they are kind or humane; but it means they are human and not vampiric in nature.

Ghouled mortals, by contrast, while remaining functionally human in most senses, have been altered in some ways by their consumption of vampiric vitae. Most of the time their ‘vampiric nature’ is faint, manifesting mostly in the single discipline and requirement for monthly doses of vitae. However, it is possible that ghouls can, by breaking personal convictions or chronicle tenets in much the same way vampires might, begin to become more in tune with this vampiric side of their nature and lose connections with their humanity, becoming more predatory and more like vampires in personality and mentality. Their requirement for vitae begins to echo a vampire’s beastly thirst.

While still able to think and experience the same range of emotions they could before ghouling, they are increasingly driven by a set of bestial instincts which echo those of a vampire’s Beast, including an increased hunger to consume life. Interactions with other non-ghouled humans become more difficult, as the non-ghoul humans sense something ‘off’ about the ghoul. Low-humanity ghouls also require vitae more often in order to maintain their ghoul-state. In general, it behooves a prudent domitor who wishes to continue to benefit from their retainer to assist the ghoul in maintaining a higher humanity rating.

At humanity 5, ghouls suffer a one-die penalty on social rolls to interact with non-ghoul humans as the ‘predatory’ side of their nature becomes harder to hide.

At humanity 4, ghouls suffer a two-dice penalty to social pools, as their growing bestial instincts begin to supersede human reason. They also require doses of vitae twice a month instead of only once.

At humanity 3, the ghoul’s twisted echo of vampiric hunger is such that they acquire a single unslakeable hunger die, in addition to the above penalties.

At humanity 2 and 1, a ghoul’s hunger for vitae is such that they may try to slake their need on any blood they can find, human or animal, in addition to the above penalties. These attempts will be unsuccessful, as nothing can fully slake their hunger, but this is unlikely to dissuade them. Their loyalty to their domitor becomes resentful and driven by selfish need, even if they were previously on good terms.

A ghoul at humanity 0 has become nothing but a vehicle for the ingestion of life, consumed entirely by their need for vitae. A ghoul at humanity 0 is functionally a wight, driven by pure instinct, and becomes the property of the ST.


In order to make things fair for everyone playing, these are the rules regarding this.

1.) Daywalking posts must be done as your first post after reset and cannot benefit or be referenced by other players until the post is done. You may post it in the related channel(s) and mark Daytime into the header.

2.) You cannot target or harm other players or NPCs. With them being unable to fight back it’s a lame method to deal with someone therefore it has been banned.